8 Must-Know Copywriting Tips for More Conversions

8 Must-Know Copywriting Tips for More Conversions

The secret to effective copywriting is more than just words — it’s also largely about visual appeal.

Certain elements like the headline, subheadings, and how text is organized makes all the difference in the amount of time a user will spend on your website and possibly convert.

Get more conversions with these must-know copywriting tips:


1. Use a headline formula.

The most effective headlines are:

  • Solutions to a reader’s problem
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Ask a question that provokes conversation
  • Promise something pleasurable
  • Answer the question, “what’s in it for me?”


Above all, your headlines should be honest and credible. Making false promises or “clickbait” headlines that don’t live up to expectations will kill reader’s trust.

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2. Make it skimmable.

Nowadays, readers don’t read, they skim.

Think about billboards or advertisements you might see in the supermarket — they are quick and to the point. They highlight the most important information. So, even if you are only to glance at it, you get the gist of the message quickly.

If your content looks like a Wikipedia page, readers won’t spend the time.


3. Use numbers!

People are attracted to numbers and lists.

They appear more organized and structured, and are VERY easy to skim. With each numbered item, a reader can gain a tidbit of information without even reading the whole article.

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4. Visuals are your friend.

Videos and pictures are the most interactive media in the digital sphere.

They help create and support the story you are trying to share. Just be sure the visual you use are appropriate for the content of your article. The more creative and unique, the better!


5. Don’t forget subheadings.

They are crucial to the organization of your post.

A reader may only want to read just a piece of the article, and subheadings help them find just what they’re looking for.

Imagine you open a newspaper, and it’s just page after page of text. You’d get tired pretty quickly trying to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Subheadings are especially important for long-form text.


6. Create bulleted lists.

The last time you went to the grocery store, what did your shopping list look like?

More than likely it wasn’t a paragraph reading, “I need apples and oranges, and also lettuce, and turkey for sandwiches… .”

You probably created a bulleted list because it is more efficient and accomplished your task more quickly.

The same principle can be applied to information sharing. People love lists and structure.


7. Emphasize IMPORTANT points.

Use italics, bolds or capital letters to emphasize the most important, juicy parts of your content.

If you don’t have anything to emphasize, what is your content even about?

Still, it’s important to use emphasis sparingly, otherwise the significance wanes.


8. Write honestly.

Hands down, the most important aspect of effective copywriting is honesty. You can do everything else “right”, but if your content has no integrity, you won’t connect with your audience.

Treat each article, email or piece of content as if you were sharing it with a loved one — what would you want to tell them?


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Let us know if you have more tips to share, or even questions, in the comments section below!


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