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At C1M, we’re passionate about exceeding our clients’ expectations and accelerating their business growth through unparalleled digital marketing expertise, compelling content, and cutting-edge technologies. Our human-directed, AI-enabled solutions provide the real-time visibility and intelligent insights companies need to stay ahead of the competition.

But don’t just take our word for it – hear directly from our clients how C1M’s innovative approach has transformed their organizations and powered their success.

“When we partnered with C1M in December 2020, we had high hopes for our web presence and organic traffic growth. Looking back, C1M surpassed our expectations, raising our monthly organic traffic from 4,671 to an incredible 48,782 – a 944% increase in just 3+ years!

C1M’s AI-powered approach to SEO and content has been transformational for Nava Health and Even amid eight substantial Google algorithm changes, their ability to recover using techniques, tactics, and great content kept us on our growth trajectory.

The C1M team has been a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment to our success have been outstanding. They consistently go beyond to deliver exceptional results and customer service.

We’re excited to continue our partnership and recommend C1M to any business looking to dramatically improve its online visibility with a highly reputable agency.”

–  Bernie Dancel

“C1M is a great marketing agency to work with. We found that they listened to us and helped us to understand our digital footprint and what we needed to be found by our patients. They create unique content and they take our input seriously. They are always willing to work with us to enhance everything from our website to our social media campaigns. Their staff is reliable and thoughtful and has great insights. I highly recommend you work with their team of professional, highly trained staff.”

–  Kris Davis

“C1M has been a long-term partner of our company, providing excellent service and actionable insights on our website development, search engine optimization and marketing integrations. Our team always felt C1M had the firm’s best interests at heart and helped coach us to higher-level results.”

– The Expo Group

“For over a year, I’ve been working with and I love it. Everyone is professional, thoughtful, kind, and truly excellent at what they do for our customers and clients. The whole team is committed to getting real results for each and every business we work with.”

– Kathleen O’Donnell

“I have been working with C1M for a year now. Everyone is friendly, professional, and hardworking. The customer’s needs are at the heart of everything they do. I love being part of the CFM team!

Work with C1M and watch your business grow!”

–  Victoria James

“C1M acts as an extension of our company and has been instrumental in helping us navigate the ever-changing world of effective marketing and social media. Our account manager has been consistent in helping us meet our marketing timelines, and the design team has produced incredible content. We couldn’t be happier. In these times of uncertainty, you need a marketing plan that can produce. I trust C1M to be our partner through this tough time.”

–  Betty Murray

“I have been working with C1M for years. They have created a website that is easy to navigate even though it has many moving parts. They have also created a media campaign for me that has been effective in attracting clients. Their response time is always first-rate, no matter what the issue. This is a quality group who will exceed your expectations. I highly recommend them.”

–  Peggy Gaines

“John and the team at C1M know what they’re doing. It’s not just about building pretty new websites – it’s about building a marketing strategy that actually works to build your business. Their culture of excellence, communication, and going beyond the call makes them the right brand partner for your organization. The team aligns with your goals and helps you achieve without breaking a sweat. From blog writers and designers, to a dev team that seems to know how to do everything, C1M knows how to make sure you’re on the right track to take your business to the next level. I highly recommend and I refer often.”

–  Blake Hammerton

“C1M has been amazing to work with while building our website and launching. The web design team was very responsive, I’m not even sure how they turned things around so fast for us. They are easy to work with and patient with all our needs and changes. The website looks great, and business is booming!”

–  Stephanie York

“This company is fantastic at what they do. Their expertise in both content creation and web-based marketing is unmatched. I have led a healthcare management company for the past 9 years and the marketing of our client practices was my responsibility. Having worked with many vendors in this space, C1M is head and shoulders above the crowd. I highly recommend them!”

–  Chris Prince

“Great to work with C1M! They’re focused on your results. They have helped me develop and implement an integrated digital campaign. Everyone on the team is very professional and are subject matter experts.”

–  Eric Bonenberger

“We have been able to successfully enhance our digital brand presence by working with CFM. They take a methodical “staged” approach that allows for stakeholder and customer feedback to ensure the final deliverable meets all predefined success metrics. Also, they are simply a good group – high integrity, flexible, and they make it easy for their clients!”

–  Toby Purdy

“Our US Division trusted C1M with a full overhaul of our website. Not only were the designers easy to work with, they happily made changes over and over until I was satisfied. I am a novice on web design, and they made me feel comfortable with my desires. Our new website will launch this month and looks so professional! Thanks!”

–  Lynn Sumrall

“C1M has created more value for my company than any I had before them. Their speed at delivery and quality work helps my company stay in front of my competition.”

–  Garrett Hand

“Our Company has been working with John and his Team for over two years now. John is very professional with a full understanding of Digital Marketing which we actively apply to our business every day!”

–  Kevin Bryant

“I have worked with C1M for over a year now, and they are honest, hard-working, and truly care about their clients. They really do love to help businesses grow!”

 –  Michelle Comeaux

“Very Professional to work with. Timely in responses, with no salesy attitude. More focused on getting the right campaign than just getting the sale. I cannot recommend John Arnott enough.”

–  Kevin Dwyer

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