A Simple Guide to Starting Your Blog Today

A Simple Guide to Starting Your Blog Today

Can you guess the biggest misconception small business owners have about blogging?


Actually, there are two.


The first is that it doesn’t “apply” to their industry. In other words, they believe their customers aren’t interested in reading a blog relating to their product or service.


The second is that creating a blog is hard. Sure, it takes effort and you have to make a commitment. But once you get started, it’s not so difficult. Great news for you!


We love blogging (obviously) and encourage all our clients, especially small business owners to start a blog.


Here’s why:


Blogging brings you closer to your customers.

Blogging is personal and makes your business appear more credible and reliable.


You know your customers best, so you can choose topics that reflect their needs and interests, address their pain points, and offer solutions.


Think of your blog as an archive or vault of valuable, insightful information for your client base.


A quick way to generate blog ideas is by checking your inbox and noticing FAQs. Pick a handful and start writing! Next time someone asks the same question, you can point them in the direction of your blog.



Your blog is a promo tool.

Who doesn’t want free press?


You blog is the best possible marketing tool for letting your audience know what’s on the horizon and what new things you have to offer them. And, as the writer, you maintain complete control of the message.



Social media and blogging go hand-in-hand.

A quick simple way to repurpose your content is by sharing it on your social feeds, and vice-versa in a blog post.



Blogging makes you the expert.

If you blog consistently, you’re sending a clear sign to your audience that you are knowledgeable, reliable and insightful. In other words, you are creating value for them each and every week.



It’s free!

What’s more to love than free marketing? Blogging costs nothing but your time, energy and creative juices.




Tips on Blogging for Your Business


Now that we’ve got you sufficiently hooked, consider the following BEFORE you start writing:



Mix it up!

If you’re always writing “how-to” posts, switch it up by sharing a short anecdote. If you’ve hit a bout of writer’s block, get a team member to draft a post for a fresh perspective.



Only write what’s necessary.

Skip the fluff and forget about word count. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your post for a couple of extra lines. If it doesn’t add value, leave it out.



Don’t write what you think you should. 

That is, avoid the trap of buzzwords and click bait headlines. Be creative, speak from your own voice, and don’t worry too much about what others in your industry are doing.



Create a sensory experience.

For example:

  • Auditory: “10 Sizzling Tips For Writing Better Headlines
  • Visual: “How to Combat A Lag In Sales”
  • Touch: “Are you snatching your reader’s attention?



Err on the side of simplicity.

A good rule of thumb is one thought per sentence. Readers are less interested in how elaborate your writing is, as they are the value they can gain. If you can’t say it simply, best not say it at all.



Write when you have inspiration, take a break when you don’t.

The words won’t always come, so don’t get too caught up in the process.


If you’re consistently hitting a block, take a break and try again later. If it’s a persistent problem, take a look at posts YOU like to read and ask yourself what it is that you find so valuable, and how you can bring that same energy to your own blog.



Make sure you’re writing for your readers, not your ego.

If an idea, sentence, paragraph, whatever, doesn’t serve a valuable purpose to your reader, ditch it — regardless of how eloquently you’ve written it!




Still not ready to start blogging?


We Can Help


Not to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty great when it comes to blogging. Schedule a FREE Business Booster Call and let’s talk about your blog and how it can boost your business.


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A Simple Guide to Starting Your Blog Today
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