Health Wellness Clinic Sees Vast Improvements in Traffic and Leads


Our client is an integrative health and wellness clinic that offers a wide range of holistic therapies in the greater Washington, DC area, specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – BHRT, aesthetics, and several med-spa services. .


The client partnered with us in November 2020 after replying to one of our email campaigns. After a call with our team, the first agreement was created, and we were tasked with rebuilding their website, which we successfully launched in January 2021.  


When the clinic first contacted C1M, their main goal was to become a national reference in BRHT, but they were unsatisfied with their existing website. They wanted to increase traffic, attract more leads, and convert them into new patients.

In the website development stage, we went through every single one of their 400 landing pages, checking all tags and metrics for maintenance and corrections. After this website makeover, despite the slight increase in traffic and new clients, results were still not reaching the client’s expectations.


After working through the first year with the new site, adding new content, and keeping the site fresh, we decided to implement a full SEO strategy using AI Prescriptive Content Analysis in February 2022. This marketing strategy was a real milestone in our client’s business growth journey.   

It took approximately four months to completely implement the SEO plan and start experiencing a significant increase in organic traffic and new customers. Ultimately, the focused efforts of C1M paid off.


The C1M SEO program used prescriptive AI to identify our client’s top content, and that was used to develop schema and a plan to create SEO pillar posts. This method spanned across several successful topics and created new pillar categories and subjects for blog posts using AI-generated keywords optimized for search engines. This turning-point strategy attracted more organic visitors than ever, and they continue to receive an increasing number of new clients.


Explore the highlights of these two years from our partnership with our client (See images 1 and 2): 

January 2021 – December 2022

  • From 2 to 4k organic clicks/month up to 32k organic clicks/month, representing a total increase of 153% in organic traffic
  • From 84 new leads/month (Client forms in image 1up to 434 new leads/month -representing an increase of 425% in new monthly leads
  • As a result, Year-over-year Leads grew from 2040 to 4575up 133% (Image 2)
  • A direct correlation of increased website traffic and new clients, where both increased (Image 1)
  • The client has broadened the business with new investors and new locations (initially one location, now four). 
  • 56% of the traffic is now organic, with former clients returning for new content and new prospects engaging weekly
  • We’ve grown the traffic and almost tripled the content in one year

Image 1: shows the direct relationship between organic traffic and new leads


 Image 2: statistics 


The results speak for themselves. Rebuilding the clinic’s website and deploying SEO-focused efforts in content creation, schema, and continuous website enhancements brought substantial improvements in organic traffic and leads, and a significant increase in new clients.

Our client is very satisfied with the consistent and sustained growth of our new marketing strategies which continue to demonstrate improved performance and results in all areas.

C1M is pleased to recognize our client’s expansion as a successful client experience.