10X Growth: Health & Wellness Clinic Increases Monthly Organic Traffic by 944%


Our client is an integrative health and wellness clinic offering a wide range of holistic therapies based in greater Washington, DC, specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and aesthetics and offering several med-spa services. Their proprietary integrative approach focuses on preventing, restoring, and optimizing health to help patients achieve overall wellness. The client partnered with us in December 2020 after replying to one of our emails.


When the clinic first contacted C1M, their main goal was to update their website. However, after further discovery, we learned they wanted to become a national reference in BRHT. They were also unsatisfied with their organic traffic and wanted to attract more leads and convert them into new patients. The client’s baseline website metrics showed limited visibility, with monthly organic traffic of only 4,671 visitors. They needed a comprehensive strategy to improve their search engine rankings, attract more qualified traffic, and establish a solid online presence in the competitive health and wellness industry.


To achieve and surpass the client’s goals, in January 2021, C1M implemented a multi-faceted approach to revamp our client’s web presence and drive organic traffic growth with a new, robust website, nurture marketing, content strategy, and AI-supported SEO.  In the website development stage, C1M went through every one of the website’s 400 pages. After the website makeover, despite a bump in traffic and new clients, results still did not meet the client’s expectations.

After working through the first year with the new site, adding new content, and keeping the site fresh, in February 2022, C1M implemented a full SEO strategy using AI Prescriptive Content Analysis. Ultimately, C1M’s focused efforts paid off. This SEO strategy was a significant milestone in our client’s business growth journey.

It took approximately four months to implement our new SEO strategy and for the client to start experiencing a significant increase in organic traffic and new customers.

Our approach included the following strategies:

  1. Launch a new, optimized website to improve user experience and search engine visibility.
  2. Deploy AI-powered SEO techniques to identify high-potential keywords and optimize on-page elements.
  3. Create engaging, informative content to attract and retain visitors, including new AI-SEO topics to broaden reach to prospects.
  4. Continuously monitor and adapt to algorithm changes, employing rapid recovery techniques to maintain growth.


Navigating Google’s frequent core updates is a critical challenge for SEO professionals. These updates can significantly impact a website’s visibility and organic traffic, making it essential for SEOs like C1M to master effective recovery techniques. This challenge was also the case for our client’s site, which had faced eight Google core updates in three years.

C1M’s team of experienced SEO experts consistently demonstrated the ability to create and implement robust SEO recovery strategies, ensuring that our clients’ organic growth trajectories remained on track despite short-term dips following core updates (Figure 1). By closely monitoring the impact of each update and rapidly adjusting our approach, we helped our client recover from temporary setbacks and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

Figure 1


Core Update Recovery Examples:

In December 2021, the clinic’s organic traffic was heavily impacted by Google’s updates from July and November 2021, dropping from 15,549 in August 2021 to 8,630 in December 2021, a decrease of 45% in traffic.

In 2023-2024, Google initiated multiple core updates, dropping the client’s organic traffic again from 46,615 to 27,627 and requiring C1M’s SEO recovery tactics to resume growth to 48,782 in organic traffic in just a few short months.

Our AI-supported SEO Program created:

  • AI-supported pillars and blog content
  • Schema markups
  • New technical SEO
  • SEO-optimized website foundation content

C1M’s SEO strategy and recovery tactics have been a resounding success, boosting the clinic’s organic traffic and resuming growth to new monthly levels.


January 2021 – April 2024

  • After an initial drop in website traffic after the new website launch in January 2021, C1M grew organic traffic from 4,671 users per month to 15,549 in just seven months — an increase of 232%.
  • Despite eight substantial Google core updates, C1M’s expertise enabled the health and wellness clinic to achieve organic success (Figure 1)
  • C1M grew the client’s monthly non-paid leads from 84  in January 2021 to 482 in April 2024 – an increase of 425%.
  • There is a clear, direct correlation between increased website traffic and an increase in new leads/form fills (Figures 1 and 2).
  • As a result of C1M’s efforts, year-over-year leads (form fills) grew from 2,040 in 2021 to 6,083 in 2023, a 198% increase (Figure 4).
  • From December 2021 to April 2024, Nava’s monthly organic traffic grew from 4671 to 48782, a 10-fold increase of 944% in 3 years(Figure 1)
  • 56% of the traffic is now organic, with former clients returning for new content and new prospects engaging weekly.
  • The client’s success has allowed them to expand the business with new investors and three new locations.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 3


The results speak for themselves. Rebuilding our client’s website and deploying SEO-focused efforts in content creation, schema, and continuous website enhancements brought substantial improvements in organic traffic and leads and a significant increase in new clients.

Nava Health is delighted with the consistent and sustained growth of C1M’s digital marketing strategies, which have demonstrated improved performance and results in all areas.



When we partnered with C1M in December 2020, we had high hopes for our web presence and organic traffic growth. Looking back, C1M surpassed our expectations, raising our monthly organic traffic from 4,671 to an incredible 48,782 – a 944% increase in just 3+ years!

C1M’s AI-powered approach to SEO and content has been transformational for us. Even amid eight substantial Google algorithm changes, their ability to recover using techniques, tactics, and great content kept us on our growth trajectory.

The C1M team has been a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment to our success have been outstanding. They consistently go beyond to deliver exceptional results and customer service.

We’re excited to continue our partnership and recommend C1M to any business looking to dramatically improve its online visibility with a highly reputable agency.

–  Bernie D. CEO