Luxury Cabinet Manufacturer Uses Video for Increased Traffic and Engagement


Our client is a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury custom cabinetry used predominantly in kitchens but also bathrooms, laundry rooms, and closets. Since 1989, they have built their reputation one kitchen and one client at a time. They now have three showrooms, over 27 authorized dealers across the US, and a team of over a hundred designers and woodworkers. They offer two brands, one for the client looking for cost-effective custom cabinets and the other where the price is no barrier. 


The client first partnered with us in March of 2018 seeking a website remodel, nurture marketing including email campaigns, social media content creation and posting, and blog writing. In 2022, the client included video production services to enhance blog entries and boost social media engagement.  

The company has designer showrooms in multiple cities, and each has its own social media accounts so that content can be created and leveraged in local markets. In total, there are eight social media accounts across two platforms (Facebook and Instagram) for which content is created and shared. 


When the company first contacted C1M, their priority was refreshing their website to improve their brand awareness in the interior design industry. In addition, they wanted to increase traffic and engage with the trade, with the end goal of closing more design, manufacturing, and installation contracts. 

In the website development stage, we designed a more luxurious site using fine photography assets provided by the client. We created an inspiration page where blog posts highlighting complete projects and design inspiration stories could be accessed by visitors.  

The results were a marked increase in traffic and engagement but that began to plateau over the years.  


In 2022 we decided to enhance their social media content with original videos we produced that showcased before and after photos, inspirational kitchen designs, and their custom cabinetry lines. We embedded these videos into blog posts and used them as original content for social media posts and Reels. The expectation was that traffic to the website and social media accounts would experience a boost in likes as well as engagement in the form of comments and shares. 


We posted the first video on August 16, 2022, and it received 175 views. Prior stationary image posts averaged ~15 likes per post. To date, C1M has produced and posted 17 videos with combined total views of nearly 2,500 on Instagram and an additional 4,330 views on the IG Reels. The Reels received a cumulative 198 Likes, 18 Saves, and 58 Comments.

Our client’s videos on Facebook received 760 Likes and 122 cumulative Comments.

Between April 2022 and April 2023, our efforts with this client’s Social Media Marketing have resulted in a net gain of 916 organic followers across all accounts on the two platforms. During this time, it is important to note that no social posts were boosted, and no paid advertisements were made.


The results speak for themselves. Rebuilding the client’s website and enhancing the social media marketing strategy to include custom video content has substantially improved organic traffic and engagement with the interior design community.  

Our client is delighted with the consistent and sustained growth of our new marketing strategies, which continue to demonstrate improved performance and results in all areas. 

C1M is pleased to recognize our client’s expansion as a successful client experience.