Medical Clinic Sees Record-Breaking Number of New Patient Leads


Our client is a leading functional medicine clinic that has been providing patients with long-lasting health and wellness solutions since 2007. Based in Oklahoma, this patient-centered interdisciplinary clinic offers a comprehensive team of board-certified physicians, nutritionists, and nurses specializing in functional, integrative, and nutritional medicine. They pride themselves on employing emerging treatments and diagnostics as new therapies, methods, and tests become available to help identify critical imbalances at the root of all illnesses. 


Our client originally came to us in May of 2019 because they were unhappy with the overall look and functionality of their existing website. However, after our initial discovery meeting and further probing, several more challenges were uncovered and addressed. 


While a complete website redesign initially brought the client to ContentFirst Marketing, further discussions revealed deeper needs and goals. They were seeking a solution that would help them identify their ideal target audience, and better promote their services to this audience in order to drive more leads to their clinic. We were up for the challenge! 


In June 2019, we began the process of creating the client’s Brandscript – a seven-part framework that helps clarify the client’s message, their target audience’s problems, and their plan to solve those problems. This copy becomes the foundation and basis of our future content-writing efforts.

Once our client approved the Brandscript, our SEO team provided our content strategists with specific keywords to target for creating the client’s website foundation copy. Our copywriters quickly went to work creating compelling web copy with clear calls to action. Once finalized, our web development team proceeded to beautifully redesign and optimize the new site, which launched successfully in July 2019, along with a new customer portal we created to help them keep the leads they attracted.

While the web development team was hard at work getting the site ready, our copywriters and blog writers were simultaneously creating content for a series of emails called “auto-responders,” which are developed to nurture new prospects coming into the funnel and convert them to leads for the clinic.

We determined that creating fresh content would be a significant step forward toward helping our client get better traction with thought leadership, brand recognition, and leads. So, in addition to the content we developed for the initial auto-responders, our content strategist also created a blog calendar with topic ideation based on our initial keyword research and strategy. We then developed two new blogs each month, which we posted to the client’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn social media pages, and also shared via a monthly Digest we sent to the client’s email list of clients and prospects.
But our work didn’t end there…

In addition, we developed paid social media ads (Facebook) and targeted email marketing campaigns on various topics to further drive leads to the business – all of which they could track through our C1M app.

“I am very pleased with results and profit for the amount of money we are paying in marketing. Oh it’s working.”

-Clinic Owner


New Patient Leads

ContentFirst.Marketing’s combined efforts of a new website, content development/thought leadership, email campaigns, and paid social campaigns gained the client 6,318 new patient leads between August 1, 2019, and August 31, 2022.


Aug 2019-Aug 2020 Aug 2020 – Aug 2021 Aug 2021 – Aug 2022
Calls 1172 1617 1372
Forms 761 815 581
 Totals 1,933 2,432 1,953



Return on Marketing Investment

For every $1 spent on marketing, the client received a $1,387 return on their investment. In fact, in one of our progress meetings with the client, he announced that they had a record-breaking number of new patients in the previous month, as well as a record-breaking month of gross profit!


By taking a proactive, consultative approach and probing further into the client’s issues, concerns, and goals (beyond a website makeover), ContentFirst.Marketing was able to develop a multipart strategy that provided the client with a framework and strategy to grow their leads and their business well into the future. We believe our client said it best “I am very pleased with results and profit for the amount of money we are paying in marketing. Oh it’s working.”