Real Estate Investment Firm Invests in SEO for Big Payoff


Our client is a Dallas-Fort Worth-based private commercial real estate investment firm that has been serving investor and development clients for over 30 years. The boutique investment firm offers a variety of asset types that enable investors to achieve diversification within their portfolio. All totaled, their combined projects are valued at over $2 billion dollars spanning a multitude of commercial real estate projects, including multi-family, hospitality, retail, senior living, residential development, industrial, office, and mixed-use developments.


The investment firm first reached out to C1M in April 2020 to help them design a pitch booklet to engage potential investors for a new investment fund.

They were very pleased with the results of the booklet, and we stayed in close communication with their team over the months that followed. Then, in May of 2021, we were contacted by the head of business development for a consultation to discuss a specific problem she was facing.


The Director of Business Development was seeking guidance because the company was struggling to see improvements in organic website traffic despite working with an SEO firm for many months. She was equally disappointed with the number of new leads they were receiving from their efforts. It felt like they were wasting their money. Without new leads, the investment firm’s future growth appeared stagnant and uncertain.


In May 2021, the investment firm partnered with C1M for SEO and Website Management Services. We began our engagement by meeting with the client to fully understand their brand, buyer personas, services, and unique value proposition. We then developed a Brandscript, which became the foundation and basis of all future content-writing efforts.

From there, our work began to SEO-optimize their website. We conducted a site audit and reviewed their Google Analytics account to get baseline metrics and an understanding of underlying website issues.

Our review of the website audit revealed several critical website errors and over 630 warnings and notices, which we corrected and addressed. We then performed a competitor analysis to assess competitor rankings, overlaps, keyword gaps, and content opportunities. We also conducted a content audit and meticulously assessed and SEO optimized 91 pages of existing website content over the next few months, making appropriate improvements to content, title tags, image alt tags, meta descriptions, and internal and internal and external and external links. We simultaneously crafted new SEO Pillar content for the website utilizing prescriptive AI and applying Schema to new and existing content.


Website Traffic Improvements:

It took only two short months for our client to see significant organic traffic improvements. In fact, both direct and organic traffic improved exponentially. After six months, total traffic was up 201%, and organic traffic, which represented 71% of overall traffic, was up 409%.

Image 1: Actual Google Analytics Report for investment firm

Leads Improvements:

C1M’s SEO-focused efforts to the investment firm’s website not only brought in exponentially more organic traffic but our conversion rate optimization (CRO) of our client’s site aided in converting those visitors to leads, as shown in the table below.

*Source: C1M App



C1M’s SEO strategy formed a solid foundation for the investment firm’s website that continues to this day, and we could not be more pleased for our client’s success.