Vein and Cosmetic Center Gets a Lift from Google Ads


Our client is a leading health and wellness center specializing in the treatment of varicose and spider veins of the body, legs, hands, and face. They have been helping their clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area look and feel great for nearly 20 years. They also perform Aesthetic and Cosmetic treatments, including Botox, Fillers, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and CoolSculpting.


Our health and wellness client initially came to us through a referral in March of 2019. We began our engagement by providing them with our comprehensive “Practice Marketer” services, which includes monthly content ideation, development, and distribution across a variety of channels. The content encompassed blog writing, email nurture campaigns, social media blog posting, and a monthly digest (or newsletter) distributed to their contact list of 1,720 prospects and clients (which we grew to 3,020 over two years). Then, in April 2020, we were entrusted with developing their new website to better align with their brand, mission, and values. Following this meticulous work, we successfully launched their new website in June 2020.


While the vein treatment clinic was very happy with our services and saw a very good uptick in website traffic, they were still unsatisfied with the number of leads they received and wanted to accelerate their lead-generation efforts. We discussed paid advertising as a quick way to improve their leads and entered into a service agreement to develop and manage their Google Ads campaigns in January 2021.


Our client’s Google Ads project started with meetings between our ContentFirst Google Ads experts and the Practice Administrator to understand and clearly define the specific goals of the campaign. From there, we began the process of conducting proper keyword research to identify words and phrases that their target audience is using to find the client’s services. We selected the best high-volume, low-competition keywords to use in their campaigns.

We then developed compelling ads with engaging headlines, descriptions, and display URLs that aligned with the client’s campaign goals and keywords. We included site links, call extensions, and additional information to improve the ads’ performance. From there, we developed our campaign structure – organizing the campaigns into ad groups based on related keywords and themes, and built out and optimized relevant landing pages with clear calls-to-action (CTAs). We regularly monitor and manage the campaign’s performance and make data-driven optimizations.


Prior to launching their Google Ads campaigns, our vein center client was receiving ~38 calls, and ~26 form fills per month. The client now receives ~126 calls, and ~38 form fills per month – an increase of over 156%.

The chart below shows the client’s actual Return on Ad Spend, which is over 246%.


The combination of nurture content (blogs, digest, social posts, and email campaigns), website redesign and optimization, and Google Search Ads has improved the clinic’s overall website traffic from ~5,000 visitors per month to nearly 23,000 visitors a month—a difference of 364%.

Our client is extremely satisfied with their results and our business relationship, and performance continues to grow in all areas.