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AI is making its debut across many industries, and we would like to say, “Welcome to Content Marketing.” AI tools have been used in the marketing industry for the past few years now, but it is changing quickly, introducing us to many new functions that we never thought were possible.

For example, ChatGPT is taking the media by storm and millions of people didn’t hesitate to try this innovative AI tool for content writing and more. Shortly after ChatGPT was released, Google announced its match “Google Bard,” which is similar to all other AI content-creating tools. So, let the AI battle begin!

However, before jumping on the bandwagon and believing that creating content without a digital marketing professional is possible, we have some news for you. AI tools are just that – tools that you need to know how to use to reach effective business goals.

A paintbrush is a tool. You wouldn’t hand a brush to a ten-year-old and expect them to be Picasso immediately. It takes training and experience to become proficient in using a tool and then to become a master.

The same can be said about AI content generation. Sure, anyone can use the tools but that does not mean anyone can become a master at using them.

So, let’s explore the impact of AI technology on content creation – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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How Does AI Writing Affect SEO and Google search?  

We know that Google loves great content and long articles, which can now be completed in five seconds with AI. What an easy way to build content for your website or blog and start ranking on Google search. But before going down that route, Google does not accept spam written articles.

What does that mean? Google can detect if an article is written by AI or a human. Why does that matter? Because your content will be ranked differently than what you plan. AI-written content will not be ignored or flagged by Google, but if the content is not original, high-quality, and written for humans, then you will not achieve the success you aim for in Google search.

Quality is everything, even when it comes to AI-generated content. Quality is still the main priority, even for Google. Keywords are one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. So, if you want to achieve a high search rank, that is only possible with the right keywords and content.

The Negative Impact of AI on SEO

Success doesn’t come easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Keep that in mind when you think about using AI content writing as the easy route to produce content for your company. Let’s take, for example, a finance business. How is a financial advisor going to reach her target audience? You need to create a marketing plan with an excellent website, blogs, and social media posts. The financial advisor is looking for alternatives and decides to use an AI tool for writing.

There are over two hundred thousand financial advisors in the United States. What would the result be if half of them used an AI tool and created an article about “5 Ways to Save Money on Your Taxes in 2023”?  There would be no distinction between or creativity in this content. Content will begin to sound repetitive and not have the significance of providing useful information.

Also, there is no proficient keyword research in AI-generated writing. Everyone knows that you can achieve a high online search rank with the right keywords and an effective SEO strategy. Marketing professionals use AI tools for SEO, no doubt about that, but you still need a thinking human to determine which keywords are right for your SEO plan.

 Personalizing Your Brand Isn’t Possible with AI

Your brand presence means everything when marketing your product or services online. As a business owner, you are passionate about what your brand has to offer. Think back to when you started jotting down all your business ideas and goals. Then, you managed to bring that effort to life and established your business – from your mind and vision to reality. This is one of the downsides of using AI-generated content. Your brand voice will not be reflected with AI-generated content.

Don’t lose your brand’s voice in a shuffle of words that will not have a positive impact on your target audience.

Fact-checking Automated Content

There are billions and billions of facts all over the Internet. Unless you double and triple-check facts, you do not want to publish an article. This will also be a bump in your path when trying to create an article using an AI tool. AI can create an article in about five seconds, but where did that information come from? Is it credible? Are all the facts in the article correct? Using content from an AI tool still needs the work of a human brain to check facts, especially statistics

AI Tools Do Not Have Up to Date Information

Currently, anyone using the AI tool Jasper should know that the information it provides is only updated to October 2020. If you are interested in generating an article about a current event, you will not find any information. Furthermore, ChatGPT does not provide any relevant information on any events that happened after 2021.

AI Generated Content Still Needs Editing

Editors have their own set of magic tricks when it comes to creating content. They know how to take words and create compelling content without grammatical errors or wrong facts. AI tools can write clear and concise content. However, human eyes must have the final say. AI is automated. In a matter of seconds, it collects information from all over the web to create the article you request. There are no grammar, spelling, or fact checks throughout the process in which AI collects information.

Even with AI being great, you will still find grammar errors and typos. So, no one would want to publish something AI generated without human eyes giving it a final touch. This is why it is so important for an editor to finalize your writing content.  

Creativity & Human Emotions

Writing is a work of art. Poetry and literature can touch your soul and emotions in so many ways. Many of us even have a favorite poem or short story that we will never forget because of how it made us feel. Can AI do the same? Not quite, at least not yet.

AI-generated content does not provide the same level of creativity that can evoke human emotions. As a business owner, you need to know how to reach your target audience with the most creative approach. AI writes generalized information, such as short summaries of facts about a topic. Nothing more. There is no creativity added to the mix.

Writers know how important it is to create content that is intriguing enough to engage with an audience. Establishing a promising connection with your target audience is more prominent when you can make them feel a certain way about your brand.  

AI toolsAI Generated Content Can’t Replace Humans

ChatGPT, Jasper, and many other AI tools can’t replace the work of an actual human. For the many reasons that were mentioned above, it is obvious to see where the missing links of AI still exist. However, writers and content creators can use these AI tools to boost their writing efforts. Furthermore, using these tools can be great for creating outlines, brainstorming, and saving time by searching for a quick summary.

Instead of thinking about how to replace humans with AI, we should think about how we can work with AI. Learning how to use these tools effectively will assist you with your content-creating projects.

How Will ContentFirst Marketing Use AI Tools? 

While it is true that AI tools can research and generate content much quicker than a human, it is missing a number of key elements when it comes to digital marketing. The top missing factors include, writing that is on-brand, something that reaches your target audience, and is fresh and creative. Also, it can’t incorporate content that is effective for SEO.

ContentFirst Marketing uses AI tools in conjunction with our experienced editors to create content that creates brand presence, produces leads, and generates actions for our clients. We are focused on proper prompt engineering to achieve the greatest results from the AI tools.

The skill of directing an AI tool is as important as the skill of writing proper sentences and creating articles that provide useful information while being engaging, creative, and effective for marketing purposes.


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The Future of Content Writing with AI Technology

As a digital marketing company, we love technology and embrace the new methods that are developing at such a fast pace.  AI technology is here, and we have to learn how to work with these tools, just like we work with team members.

At ContentFirst Marketing, we are exploring the different ways AI can be used to enhance content creation.  Using AI technology is something that our digital marketing agency will incorporate when necessary. However, this can only be done by someone who knows how to use this technology as a tool to give an extra boost to content creation.

AI technology can’t create a digital marketing plan or SEO strategy for your business. Learn more about how you can enhance your online presence with digital marketing.

Contact us today.  

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