AI Marketing Tools for an Innovative Marketing Strategy

AI marketing tools

AI (artificial intelligence) usage is at an all-time high, and global usage of AI-powered tools shows no signs of slowing down. The global AI marketing experienced a skyrocketing growth from $93.5 billion in 2021 to $136.6 billion in 2022, and this number is expected to reach $1,811.8 billion by 2030

In fact, chances are that you have already used AI tools multiple times today. Maybe you asked Alexa for restaurant recommendations in your area or saw social media posts that align with your interest when you checked your latest feeds. Perhaps you interacted with a chatbot when seeking customer support or were among the millions of online users who tested the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT just to see what it could do. Even when you logged into your Netflix, Hulu, or Max account, you likely saw recommendations based on your previous habits.  

 All of these convenient and personalized instances were linked to AI tools. 

What Are AI Marketing Tools?
How Do AI-powered Marketing Tools Enhance Digital Marketing Strategies?
Content Creation
Enhance Your SEO Strategy
Maximize Online Visibility and Conversions with PPC
Establish Brand Engagement with Social Media
Effective Personalized Campaigns with Email Marketing
Analytics for Broader Marketing Campaigns
Pros and Cons of AI Marketing Tools
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The Use of AI Marketing Tools for Your Business  

When it comes to your business, new AI marketing tools are also changing how you can connect with your customers. These new AI marketing tools can enhance the customer experience, increase competitive intelligence, and maximize your content creation. AI-powered marketing tools can be a powerful asset for marketing teams and sales teams when used to their best advantage. These artificial intelligence marketing tools are also changing the marketing industry, one AI-powered marketing strategy at a time. 

Yes, you probably already use a range of AI-powered tools and have had it for more than a decade. However, how can you craft the best marketing strategy when it comes to artificial intelligence in marketing campaigns? What AI marketing tools will help you reach potential customers, and how can you use this new AI technology to its best advantage for your business? 

It starts by understanding the breadth and depth of these AI marketing tools.

It is important to learn how to use them in: 

  •  digital marketing campaigns 
  •  influencer marketing 
  •  SEO-optimized content 
  •  social media 
  •  email marketing campaigns 
  •  and much more.  

AI marketing tools

What Are AI Marketing Tools? 

An AI marketing tool is simply a software or platform that uses automation and artificial intelligence technology to create automated decisions in varying marketing strategies. These AI-powered marketing strategies are based on data collection from current or past clients and the internet.  

From here, artificial intelligence (or an AI tool) can analyze customer data to make predictions about your target audience. This can include written content and brand language that resonates with your target audience. However, it can also provide actional insights for creating Google ads or social media posts that will grab attention. 

Artificial Intelligence Versus Automation 

It’s important to note how artificial intelligence is different from automation. Automation is prevalently used as a marketing tool across all industries to simplify a marketing team’s job. For example, you may use an automation tool or software to send marketing emails at a set schedule automatically. But an AI marketing tool (like the popular Seventh Sense AI tool) will take this automation a step further. 

 It will use machine learning based on your email recipients’ past habits to determine the best time to send an email that will be noticed and opened. Predictive analytics is the driving force behind the best AI marketing tools. Furthermore, these AI tools find new routes to connect with your target audience based on a veritable world of data.  

How Do AI-powered Marketing Tools Enhance Digital Marketing Strategies?  

AI tools can boost marketing campaigns in a wide variety of ways, from content creation to social media marketing. How you use artificial intelligence and an AI marketing tool to your best advantage will likely vary. However, there are a few key components of a more significant marketing strategy where AI tools can play a valuable role. 

It’s important to note that even the best AI marketing tools can’t tackle every aspect of a far-reaching marketing strategy. AI software and other AI tools fill the gaps and provide insight across multiple platforms. Therefore, an expert marketing partner like ContentFirst Marketing can bring these individual, AI-powered pieces together to create a more innovative digital marketing campaign and overall marketing strategy.  

creating a marketing strategy with AI Marketing Tools

Content Creation  

From your company’s  landing pages to your social media presence, content creation can be one of the most tedious and difficult aspects of any marketing strategy. The content creation process requires a lot of background marketing analytics to reach your target audience. This includes anything from the topics that garner attention to the brand language you use in short social media posts to strengthen your company’s identity. 

But when it comes to content marketing, AI tools can be a valuable asset to transform customer data into a content strategy that sticks. The best AI marketing tools can generate comprehensive social media posts, blog posts, and other content for landing pages and marketing campaigns. Additionally, they excel at pinpointing the specific phrases that resonate with your target audience.  

Pro Tip

While AI tools like ChatGPT can certainly handle content creation and can create marketing content of all varieties in minutes, these AI tools should not be your only source for verbiage. AI writing is not perfected just yet. Moreover, some AI writing may come across as robotic, with many factual or grammatical errors, hindering your content marketing efforts.  

Instead, consider these content marketing tools as an AI writing assistant. These AI tools can help create marketing copy but shouldn’t be relied upon as your sole source of verbiage in a broad content strategy. 

creating SEO strategy with AI Marketing tools

Enhance Your SEO Strategy 

Content creation is complex, but it becomes even more so when it’s time to create SEO optimized content. But again, this is where artificial intelligence tools can step in to make a marketing team’s job less stressful. Companies using AI marketing tools can streamline some of the more time-consuming elements of search engine optimization.  

For instance, you can research traffic analysis, keyword research, and backlink analytics, all with the help of AI. Essentially, AI marketing tools can help propel your marketing content to the top of search engines. You can achieve a high search rank by identifying the keywords that will boost your search engine rankings and the other SEO steps you can take to maximize your marketing efforts. 

Maximize Online Visibility and Conversions with PPC

You are likely already using artificial intelligence in your PPC (or pay-per-click) campaigns. Google ads, Amazon, and Bing all provide inherent AI tools when plotting your budget, bidding, and content strategy. These algorithms are designed to help you save money in PPC campaigns. Additionally, they help keep your bids relevant so that your digital marketing ads are placed in search engines and landing pages at the right time and location.   

creating a marketing strategy with AI marketing tools

Establish Brand Engagement with Social Media   

Social media is another corner of a larger marketing strategy where AI-powered marketing tools can help connect with your target audience and broaden your social media presence. By using machine learning or artificial intelligence, an AI powered tool can analyze numerous social media posts, images, and even correspondences (like those in Facebook Messenger). This enables the tool to provide valuable analytical insights to support your social media marketing team.  

From here, using an artificial intelligence marketing tool, your team will have a better understanding of what social media posts will resonate with your audience. 

Granted, a social media marketing team likely already has targeted marketing methods to increase social media interest. However, this generally requires different strategies, research, and posts for various social media platforms. (For example, what you post on LinkedIn will be vastly different than what you post on TikTok.) In this vein, the best AI marketing tools will simplify this cross-social media platform research. They will help identify your unique target audience and customer journey on every social media channel. 

Effective Personalized Campaigns with Email Marketing

A marketing AI tool can be a compelling resource when it comes to email marketing. It collects customer data from the vast database that your business already has. AI email marketing tools can assist with multiple aspects of content creation, from the subject lines that will grab attention to the best time to send an email campaign to your customers. 

 In fact, some AI marketing tools can even alter these specifications for different email recipients. Therefore, that means every email address in your database could potentially get a personalized message sent at the right time for them, based on previous habits. This is why email marketing tools are some of the most popular forms of AI in marketing. It successfully takes the customer data you have and accelerates it to profoundly personal and highly effective levels. 

Analytics for Broader Marketing Campaigns 

Let’s say you are about to launch a new product and are unsure of the brand language you should use or who your target audience can be. AI marketing tools use a wealth of data – from customer information to open-source data collected from the internet – to answer these questions. Simply put, machine learning is exceptional when it comes to predicting behavior and ensuring positive outcomes. Therefore, an AI-powered approach to marketing research is a smart way to identify how to connect with your customers. 

In essence, from your content strategy to your social media ads, artificial intelligence is truly changing the game for garnering a better understanding of your customers. 

AI Marketing Tools

Pros and Cons of AI Marketing Tools 

There are several pros and cons when it comes to utilizing AI in marketing, which marketing teams should consider before they dive deeper into artificial intelligence-driven marketing efforts. 

These pros and cons include (but are certainly not limited to) the following.  

Pros of AI in Marketing 


 AI-powered marketing tools can vastly save time on research costs by identifying your target audience and best marketing practices in multiple facets of a digital marketing campaign. 


 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. While conversely, 66% of consumers say encountering content that isn’t personalized would stop them from making a purchase. With AI-powered marketing tools, companies can efficiently master the personalization game and create digital marketing campaigns and content that is specialized to every past, current, and future customer. 


 AI tools take the guesswork out of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to email campaigns, social media posts, website content, and more. By analyzing vast amounts of customer data, AI-powered marketing tools can provide accurate and valuable insights that show how, where, and when a marketing budget should be expanded. 


 In the long run (or when utilized by an experienced marketing partner), AI Tools can save money, time, and resources on developing, launching, and monitoring any marketing campaign or overall marketing strategy. Once data is collected, analyzed, and put to its best use, marketing teams garner a better understanding of the best moves to make at any point in time. 

Cons of AI in Marketing 

Data privacy concerns 

 Before collecting and using data, a marketing team has to have an inherent understanding of privacy laws to avoid a lawsuit or an unwelcome run-in with the BBB. Understanding how artificial intelligence and machine learning interwork with privacy laws takes time and without an expert marketing resource at your side, delving through the details can be an undertaking.  

Initial or Even Overall Cost 

Not every AI tool on the market can perform the same job. Therefore, a company will likely need to purchase multiple mobile apps, AI software, and other AI tools or platforms to cover every aspect of a broader marketing campaign. Again, this is where a marketing resource with access to the best AI marketing tools, like ContentFirst Marketing, can cut the hefty cost of purchasing various AI tools, one at a time. 


 With artificial intelligence and machine learning comes the onset of various AI tools. As such, identifying the best AI marketing tools can be a challenge. A marketing tool may be inefficient, perform a limited set of tasks, or be highly costly, which can reduce the effectiveness – and budget – of your marketing efforts.
There are multiple stories of an expensive AI marketing tool that provided the same features as Google Docs or AI marketing tools that were falsely represented and were just simple automation tools. Wading through an ever-growing field of available AI marketing tools can be challenging at best, and there’s no guarantee that the AI tools your company uses will meet the mark. 

marketing strategy with AI tools

ContentFirst Marketing is Your Best Partner for AI Marketing Tools 

At ContentFirst Marketing, we monitor every aspect of crafting marketing campaigns, from social media management to pay-per-click ads. We use the best AI tools to conduct research and execute effective marketing strategies. 

You don’t have to go alone when it comes to understanding artificial intelligence and using AI tools to your best advantage.  We’ll work together to find the best AI tools that will propel your business on search engine rankings in the social media world and every corner of the internet.  

With ContentFirst Marketing, you can rest assured that an AI marketing tool is just one tool in your marketing team’s arsenal that generates attention, loyalty, customers, and most of all, business

Reach out to our team of experts at ContentFirst Marketing.

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