Are There Marketing Benefits to Hiring a Web Design Company?

benefits of web design company
February 13, 2020

Are you debating on whether there are more benefits to hiring a web design company versus using those pre-made templates to build a website?

Is there a benefit of hiring a professional designer or website developer?

Let us consider this: If you want to put a huge ad on a billboard on a freeway, would you do it yourself? Wouldn’t you hire an advertising company to help you with the messaging, layout, and design? A website is way more efficient, useful and valuable than that billboard.

Consider a website as your virtual store and not just an extension of your calling card. Will you seriously consider doing the hammering and sawing to build your physical store? Unless you’re trained for the job, you will hire people to do the work for you. You may have the idea, the design, or desired functionality, but breathing life into your dream design will require expertise.

Today, we’ll talk about even more benefits of investing in a website design company to make your site come to life and reach your target audience.


Five Essential Benefits to Hiring a Web Design Company

1. Efficiency

You want to start with a solid foundation. As your business grows, it’s expected that you’d need more functionality built into your website. You may want to have a customer login portal for ease of transaction. You may want to add online appointment scheduling to your design.

But, if you’re not computer savvy, you’ll miss out on this benefit and your competitors will get ahead. A professional web design company can create a functional website that will make your business run more efficiently and more appealing to your customers.


2. Asset, not a liability

Some think that having a website is merely for show. If you know how to integrate website design into your marketing strategy, your website can give you more business even while you’re sleeping.

And that’s essentially what an asset is—something that generates income regularly. Yet a lot of times, websites have become liabilities for most business owners. They pay annual maintenance fees and yet draw no profit from it. Why does this happen?

They fail to realize that a website is part and parcel of the whole marketing act. In my video below, I discuss the three digital marketing elements. Watch and learn how your website becomes part of your grand marketing strategy.



3. Reflective of your brand

How many times have you visited a store simply because of how it makes you feel? When you enter Starbucks, you don’t go just for the caffeine. You crave the experience of individualized, hip, personable, fix-me-the-most-delectable-coffee-of-the-season customer service. Your website should feel the same. If it looks stale and cluttered, or loud and flashy, they’d imagine your physical store to be the same. You’ll run the risk of losing customers with an outdated website.

A web design company would know what works and what doesn’t. They won’t have trouble taking down a bold color palette and incorporating it in more subtle ways.

A clean website with plenty of white space, graphics that capture the message, and engaging content will project professionalism and quality. And it will definitely draw more customers.


4. Return on investment

With most businesses and customers going online, it’s not only logical but wise to invest in a reliable website. Each time a website crashes, the company loses customers and sales. Broken links can lead to broken relationships, especially at the fragile start of your marketing campaign. But a website designed to be search-engine optimized, powered with the latest technology, fast, reliable, unique, responsive, and dependable will in no time reap the rewards.

Search engine optimization may sound foreign to some business owners, but a professional website design company will live and breathe SEO. They will make sure that every page is keyword-optimized to compete in search engine ranking.

Furthermore, when you hire a professional web designer, they will design according to the needs of your potential customers. They will make sure that it’s adaptive to the latest mobile technology. Not only should the design be mobile-friendly, but also responsive to different mobile devices.

A good web design firm will produce a user-friendly website that will convert your potential clients to long-term customers. They will work on making sure your landing page would capture your leads so that they stay on the page, become engaged, and click on the call-to-action button.

Finally, a professional web design company will seek to know your marketing goals and ensure that your website has all the key elements that would outperform the competition.


5. Integrated platforms

A versatile website design company will be able to integrate your different platforms, so that they work in tandem. Your social media campaigns will have ads that would lead to your website landing pages. Your website content will contain share buttons that would make sharing a breeze. Customers can make payments easily with a credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal features.


So why struggle with website design when you can leave it to the experts and make it work for your business?


Leave the Marketing to Us

Not sure how to navigate all the details of a solid digital marketing plan? We can help! Schedule a free business review here to find out how we help. You can use these insights for inspiration, and let us do the marketing for you.

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Are There Marketing Benefits to Hiring a Web Design Company?
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