Break These Email Marketing Habits!

Email Marketing Habits
March 14, 2018

Email can be one of the most credible and lucrative content marketing strategies if you know how to use it.

But what is more important than knowing how to use it, is knowing why certain best practices work. Once you know what works (especially for your brand and your customers), you’re able to test and try different strategies to achieve the best results.

Certain email marketing habits are worth breaking because they could be selling you short of better returns.

Luckily, we have some ideas for turning your strategy around to gain more customers.


Your Subject Line Is Too Straight Forward.

It all starts with the subject line.

Sure, a subject line needs to be informative — it should give the recipient an idea or incentive to open the email.

But, is your subject line so literal that it’s actually boring?

Go to your inbox right now and take a look at sales emails you’ve received.

What do you notice about the headlines from your favorite brands versus those you’re just a click away from unsubscribing from?

Seeing how subject lines compare to each other and how they visually appear in an inbox will help you make them better.

What could make it better? Maybe some caps lock text? Humor? Wit? Charm? A question? Numbers? An astonishing fact or discount?

Use this space (the face of your email) as creatively as possible. Don’t be afraid to try different strategies out to see what grabs your reader’s attention.


Your Copy Is Too Short.

Wait… did I hear that right?

Yes, sometimes longer copy is the way to go. But only if you have something to say and value to share!

If you’re going to write a longer message, just make sure it’s readable and skimable. The methods you would apply to a blog post, apply to your email:

  • Avoid word walls.
  • Break text up into maximum 2-3 lines.
  • Make use of bolding and italics.
  • Don’t be afraid to use CAPS.
  • Use headlines to kick off a new idea or section.

As long as your copy is visually appealing and easy-to-read, there’s no reason it needs to be short and sweet all the time.


Not Enough Focus on Design.

Even if you’ve written the best email — with top-knotch content and plenty of value for your clientsif design is lacking, you’re hindering your message.

Getting the right people on your team, who know how to create visually appealing content, who know how to incorporate easy-to-use share buttons, photos and smart design are worth having around.

We are here to help.


Your CTA Is Weak.

What do you want your readers to do with your email?

You tell them in your CTA – call to action.

You’re not sending it just for the sake of sending. Every email should have a point, a goal, or an action you want them to take. So make it easy for them. Be direct about the desired action.

Get creative. Focus your CTAs on action words like








Then, lead them to the action!

For example, we invite site visitors and readers to Schedule a Free Business Growth Call. Our CTA is clear and direct and let’s the person know exactly which action we want them to take. The value and message are both clear.


A Final Thought..

Practice, practice, practice. Try different strategies to see what works best for your customers. Don’t get too attached to one idea, especially if it isn’t producing results.


What are your best email practices?

What have you seen in your inbox that you like or don’t like?

Let us know what we’ve missed in the comments below!


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Break These Email Marketing Habits!
Do you want to take your email marketing game to the next level? We reveal some strategies to break bad email marketing habits and improve your emails to get more customers!

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