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According to Neilson’s 2022 Global Marketing Report, brand awareness is the top priority for marketers across all industries. However, connecting with customers and triggering brand name recognition is more difficult than ever before.  

Fewer people are making their first contact with a brand via a brick-and-mortar store, which used to be where customers would first spot your logo on shelves and storefronts. Moreover, the online marketplace is infinite, with an ever-increasing number of competitors. 

As such, to increase brand awareness, businesses need to shift their perspective from in-person connections to online attention, starting with SEO

SEO Techniques to Boost Brand Awareness 

When orchestrated correctly, brand awareness SEO ensures that your business shows up at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) organically. A business can achieve this by not having to sign up for costly sponsorships and digital ads continually. An organic appearance on a search results page has more weight, too. Additionally, this positions a company as a leader in their field, regardless of the products or services they offer consumers. 

However, optimizing your SEO digital marketing strategy can be a challenging endeavor. Bear in mind that your competitors are angling for the same top spots on SERPs. Furthermore, they are also focusing on adjusting their content, website, verbiage, social media, and more to connect with a target audience.  

SEO Firms Specializing in Content Marketing Strategies  

An SEO company that maximizes your brand awareness is your best resource for creating content and brand-focused marketing initiatives that stick. Our comprehensive SEO content agency will cover all aspects of increasing brand awareness online.

From identifying the right keywords that garner attention to ensuring every aspect of your website and online presence is maximized for SEO, an expert hand is required to propel your company ahead of your competitors. 

However, before you connect with an experienced SEO content agency it’s helpful to take stock of your current marketing efforts and how they align with increasing SEO brand awareness. Let’s discover the effective marketing strategies that can elevate your brand awareness in the digital landscape.  

Unlocking the Power of SEO Keywords  

When people are looking for businesses like yours, how do they search? Are there easily identifiable terms or phrases that connect with your business, like “tax service providers” or “tax preparation,” and/or are there broader terms that may be useful, like “top rated accountants?” Our SEO content agency can help you build an effective keyword strategy. However, remember that you want your business name included in your optimal list of keywords and phrases as well. 

Creating Effective SEO Optimized Content  

E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) has been a key part of Google searches since 2019.This is how Google prioritizes relevant and informative content, indicates research and/or analysis, and essentially adds value to the terabytes of content on the World Wide Web. When Google was first launched, businesses could simply plug in keywords as often as they wanted to create basic website content to garner attention. However, today, it’s all about quality over quantity. 

Review your website content and verbiage, including blogs, individual pages, and articles, and ensure the content is well-written, informative, and free of spelling and grammatical errors. By providing useful and engaging information, Google and the rest of the world will identify your brand with expert-level knowledge in your industry. Therefore, you can position your brand as a trustworthy and authoritative source for your specific products or services. 

The Importance of Backlinks  

According to recent studies, backlinks are among the top three ranking factors when it comes to Google searches. However, nearly two-thirds of pages on the internet don’t have a single link in their content.  

Adding relevant links can increase your brand awareness and rankings in SERPs, but the key is finding the right websites and pages to link to throughout your verbiage. Look for authoritative and trusted websites generally considered an expert in the field (like Wikipedia or major news outlets). Additionally, include a few internal links as well, whenever relevant and related to your topic of discussion. 

The trick is to balance between relevant and informative content. This includes the links and external or internal sources that augment your content to create a more significant online presence and better brand visibility. 

Encourage Links, Reviews, and Interactions 

Surveys show that an estimated 95% of customers read online reviews before they shop online. So, fostering a good reputation that is intimately connected with your brand is key. Reach out to your satisfied customers or clients and ask them to share their experiences and interact with them on social media and other channels to build a better relationship.  

In addition, having non-competitors in your field as partners can go a long way in increasing your SEO brand awareness, so form relationships whenever possible. There are multiple ways to develop these relationships, via press releases, linking to their site and pages, and connecting on social media and other platforms. 

Optimizing Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO  

To increase your brand awareness, you must ensure that your brand and logo are prevalent throughout your website.  That includes the behind-the-scenes elements, like your page title and meta description. Include your brand name in the page title and meta description on your homepage and other pages. But don’t include it on every page or blog post if it’s irrelevant as it can become repetitive and edge out more relevant or important keywords. 

You’ll want to include your brand in other elements, like image descriptions, video descriptions, and virtually every piece of content published on the website. By including your brand name as often as possible in all aspects of your website, your name will be synonymous with your products or services.  

Build Your Brand Awareness and Get Ahead with an SEO Expert  

Having your brand name recognized in a crowded online market is difficult at best. That is why you need a resource to boost your brand above your local, national, and global competitors, who are all vying for the same attention. 

This is where ContentFirst Marketing can provide guidance and strategies tailored to your goals.

With time-tested SEO digital marketing strategies and experts in all the intricate details of crafting a smart SEO strategy, ContentFirst Marketing is your primary source when it comes to propelling your brand to new levels of recognition.  

Let’s start building an online presence that will resonate with your new customers now and miles into the future. 

Reach out to us today.

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