How Dr Treece MD Gained Trust by Capitalizing on His Unique Skills

How Dr Treece MD Gained Trust by Capitalizing on His Unique Skills

The Challenge

Helping patients feel their best is a priority for Dr Treece MD, and he does that by giving his patients a variety of treatment paths which align with their health goals, lifestyles, and budgets. One of the most important factors to Dr Treece is having a balanced diet, regular activity/exercise, and adequate sleep. This is the basis from which he treats his patients as he works to ensure they are adopting and using lasting solutions to improve their health every day.

Dr Treece’s brand was great, however, he required a new, updated website along with some other services. Which is why he reached out to us to help him accomplish this.

Our Approach.

For Dr Treece MD, we built and updated his website using both Foundation content and our amazing Brandscript. Along with that, we share infusionsoft to ensure Dr Treece receives the leads he is looking for. Likewise, we write regular content for his blog. However, unlike most doctors websites, Dr Treece wanted the site to showcase his amazing abilities and the procedures he specializes in. That said, we are not promoting the various clinics that he works in, but rather, we are promoting him. 

  • Brandscript
  • Marketing Automation
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Content Posting

Lastly, we also promote the procedures and services Dr Treece offers, as well as why he chose to become a Doctor in the first place. We also set up a unique Google My Business page for him. All in all, he is a great client.