Emeritus is Connecting with New Clients Using a New Approach

Emeritus is Connecting with New Clients Using a New Approach

The Challenge 

Emeritus (previously Emeritus Clinical Solutions) provided clinical engineering services for the maintenance of medical devices for large federal hospitals and medical facility providers. Even though Emeritus was also providing cybersecurity services and solutions with a specialty in the healthcare/medical devices/medical facilities industry, they wanted to target other industries as well as cybersecurity services and solutions. In order to focus more on managed IT and cybersecurity solutions and expand to other industries as well, Emeritus acquired ITRemedy, which provided cybersecurity services to small and medium-sized businesses across various industries. 

At this stage, Emeritus leadership approached ContentFirst Marketing (C1M) for assistance in building a unified go-to-market brand that portrays these services together as differentiators. 

Our Approach 

C1M started off by understanding each company’s individual value proposition – Emeritus Clinical Solutions and ITRemedy. The C1M team then created a full Brandscript that positions Emeritus as a strategic technology partner for medical equipment maintenance, managed IT, and cybersecurity services. We then moved on to create a new website with foundation content reflecting the new brand. This was done to ensure that the website was attracting the right target audience. 

Additionally, we fully optimized their SEO strategy to help them add more targeted leads to their marketing funnel.  

Overall, C1M was able to help Emeritus with the following services: 

  1. Develop a new Brandscript for repositioning 
  2. Create the Foundational Content for the new website 
  3. Set up Marketing Automation for nurture campaigns 
  4. Provide AI-supported SEO 
  5. Distribute content via Social Media 
  6. Website Management 

To assist Emeritus in streamlining its analytics, C1M also created a unique customer portal. The portal provides quick access to the marketing data that would ultimately help them maximize their return on marketing costs.  

We are pleased we successfully accomplished the goals we had for Emeritus.  We look forward to continuing our valued partnership with the Emeritus team and providing effective marketing strategies every step of the way.