How Evexias Denver Stood Out with Unique Content & Branding

How Evexias Denver Stood Out with Unique Content & Branding

The Challenge

Evexias Denver is a medical services provider based in Denver, CO. Although they are a franchisee of Evexias Medical, they did require a new website. This would allow them to talk to unique services and approaches to the Denver market.  Evexias Denver offers high-quality treatments and services for men and women of all ages. Likewise, they help those patients feel and look their best. Their message is to “guide their patients through therapies, like Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to alleviate symptoms and reduce risk of disease”.  But, their goal is to provide aid and improve people’s lives, everyday.  

Evexias Denver’s reputation has been amazing over the years, which is why they have a huge list of patients. However, they needed a brand update and someone to manage their reputation for them. Which is why they initially reached out to us for help.

Our Approach.

To start for Evexias Denver, we created a new and faster website. This was to ensure that their patients would not lose interest while waiting for a laggy website. Along with the new website, we created foundation content and images tailored to their market. We also provide them with fresh content weekly for their blog and social media. Apart from that, we have helped them with social media marketing, PPC advertising, custom Campaign promotions and a Digest for prospects and patients:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Quick Leads – Search
  • Blogging
  • Reputation Management
  • Quick Leads – Social
  • Customer Portal
  • Social Media Content Posting

Lastly, as another healthcare client, Evexias Denver wanted unique content separate from their mother brand Evexias. That said, we were tasked with ensuring that all content was unique to their brand. Overall, we are very happy with how things turned out. We look forward to working with them more in the future.