How EvexiPEL is Conquering Two Markets with One Brand On a Single Website

How EvexiPEL is Conquering Two Markets with One Brand On a Single Website

The Challenge

EvexiPEL is one of our largest clients yet. With hundreds of healthcare providers, and an amazing founder Terri DeNeui, DNP, ACNP, APRN-BC leading the way, it’s no wonder why we are consistantly working with them each month. EvexiPEL is an integrated approach to bio-identical hormone therapy in collaboration with two of the top compounding pharmacies in the country.

Their goal? To “completely transform how practitioners approach and administer care – digging for and treating the root cause of symptoms and chronic disease rather than the typical “band-aid” approach of prescription based medical care.”

EvexiPEL needed a lot done. They wanted a complete website rebuild with all of the bells and whistles. However, unlike most clients, they needed not one, but two separate brandscripts. One is specifically for customers who want to use EvexiPEL’s services. The other is for healthcare practitioners who want to become EvexiPEL providers. They commissioned us to help them accomplish all this and much more.

Our Approach.

To start, we completely rebuilt EvexiPEL’s website and included a lot of foundation content as well. Likewise, as noted before, we created a brandscript for customers, and another separate brandscript for doctors who wish to become a provider. This was an interesting and rather tough task, we managed to accomplish it with very little issues to name.

Another interesting aspect of this client’s work is that we created a unique healthcare provider locator. The locator is a map to show customers the providers in their area. Every new provider is given their own landing page and practice profile. This was done to make everything easily searchable, especially the providers.

Along with the providers, we created onboarding processes to ensure new providers knew exactly what to do. We did this to leave no room for questioning. Apart from this, we created interactive webforms for their sales staff, as well as email-based training modules. The following are just some of the other services we have provided them with:

  • Full Brandscript (x2)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Shared Apps
  • Blogging
  • Foundation Content
  • Quick Leads – Social
  • Customer Portal
  • Website
  • Social Media Content Posting
  • Healthcare Client

Lastly, we also provided them with nurture campaigns, monthly blog articles and email digests. This included email campaigns and autoresponders to help keep their subscribers engaged. We are ecstatic with the results we’ve been able to give to EvexiPEL. As we continue to grow with them, we look forward to continued work together in the future.