How High Adventure Treks Now Attracts a New Generation With their New Website

How High Adventure Treks Now Attracts a New Generation With their New Website

The Challenge

High Adventure Treks (HATS) is an outdoor adventures program for children to grow relationships, communication and leadership with their Dads. The mission of the site is to educate parents and children on the programs, as well as why they’re so important and how they can help kids navigate a brighter future. Started in 1996, Kipp developed the HATS program and recruited members through school, church, and neighborhood groups as well. With all of their help, he eventually drew together a group of fathers and daughters that formed the nucleus of his first HATS® group.

Even with years of experience helping family develop relationships with each other in the outdoors, they still needed help. With changing times HATS enlisted our help to create a new website and help with branding.

Our Approach.

For High Adventure Treks, we created a brand new website to help them attract a new generation of Fathers, Daughters and Sons. Within the new website, we incorporated a mix of educational and promotional material. This included an interactive calendar of upcoming events and campouts, a regularly-updated blog and a members section for sign-ups. As a highly personal site, members can come learn about new opportunities and share stories. New members can also instantly connect with the community and become a part of it. Apart from that, we were also able to help them with the following services:

  • Brandscript
  • Foundation Content
  • Blog Content
  • Customer Portal

This website is something that is close to our heart and because of this, we are so happy with the results we’ve achieved. We look forward to work with them in the near future.