How En Fuego is Converting More Customers With Their New Website

How En Fuego is Converting More Customers With Their New Website

The Challenge

En Fuego is a microlearning company that makes eLearning engaging, user-friendly, and easy to digest. They work with the goal of driving more engagement and retention by using employee training content. They offer an online training platform that takes larger training subjects and breaks it down into 5-8 minute bite-sized lessons that are easily digested by individual employees or teams that need it.

The best part about En Fuego’s platform is that the users don’t need a full user portal with logins and multiple course elements. En Fuego offers training in ‘snack size’ lessons, and the users can access their material on an app on their phone/desktop/tablet and get trained quickly.

Our Approach

En Fuego approached ContentFirst.Marketing with the objective of expanding their online reach, building a stronger brand identity, and driving higher conversions through online presence. We started off by building a brand-new website for them that was optimized for maximizing lead generation. To help them meet their marketing goals, we also created content that would help boost SEO as well as convert more website visitors. Overall, we were able to help them with the following services:

  1. Build a Brandscript
  2. Create the Foundation Content
  3. Set up Marketing Automation for nurture campaigns
  4. Drive Email Marketing
  5. Blogging
  6. Distribute content via Social Media
  7. Drive Google Ads campaigns for lead generation
  8. Website Management

We also created a unique customer portal for En Fuego to help make their user experience easier. The portal provides quick access to the marketing data that would ultimately help them maximize their return on marketing spend. En Fuego is already experiencing good results, and we are happy with the results we’ve been able to bring for this client! We look forward to continuing our services with them in the future.