How Kaurina Sells More Kulfi & Ice Cream With Their New Website

How Kaurina Sells More Kulfi & Ice Cream With Their New Website

The Challenge

Kaurinas is one of the premiere manufacturers of Authentic Indian Kulfi and Exotic Gourmet Ice Creams in North America. Established in 2000, Kaurina’s Kulfi Dessert Bar and Gourmet Ice Creams are famous for their rich flavor, silky smooth texture, and top quality ingredients. In a short time span, Kaurina’s has grown from a home based business to a full manufacturing outfit. However, they wanted to go bigger, which is why they came to us to help them sell more to their consumers.

While we have been running Facebook ads for Kaurinas for a long time, they required a full website makeover. They were only attracting an old generation of customers, which is outdated. This was causing them to lose the business of the new generation of ice cream lovers.

Our Approach.

After working with us for so long with our Facebook Ads services, Kaurinas decided to also use our website services. We created a website which was more unique and stunning, to attract more ice cream lovers. Because of this we completely changed the overall experience while attracting a new generation of loyal customers. This was done to ensure that each user has an up-to-date experience.

But, apart from the website, we were also able to help them improve their overall brand by adding the following to their business:

  • Foundation Content
  • Quick Leads – Social
  • Customer Portal

We were amazed at the increase in traffic with the website update. We look forward to our continued work with Kaurinas!