How Rapid Power Got to the Next Level With Their Digital Marketing

How Rapid Power Got to the Next Level With Their Digital Marketing

The Challenge

Rapid Power is an established financial advisor in energy procurement and sustainability goals – with an analytical mind and years of risk-management experience. They look at their client’s energy bill as a story, factor in their history and future, and create a plan to help them make the best decisions about when and how to purchase their energy, giving them peace of mind that they’re getting the smartest deal for their business needs.

While they are experts in energy procurement and sustainability, they needed help revising their branding and creating a brand new website, as well as needing help managing their online image. Because of this, they reached out to us here at ContentFirst.Marketing for help.

Our Approach.

For Rapid Power, we started off by creating them a brand new website. Along with the new website, we added our signature full Brandscript and foundation content. This was done to ensure that they were attracting the right target market. We also created a unique customer portal to help streamline the overall user experience for new visitors.  Apart from that, we also included full SEO to help bring in new and more targeted leads to the website. Overall, we were able to help them with the following services:

  • Brandscript
  • Full Brandscript
  • Marketing Automation
  • Shared Apps
  • Blogging
  • Foundation Content
  • Customer Portal
  • Website
  • Social Media Content Posting
  • Full SEO

Lastly, because we wanted to keep their customers engaged, we also help them with social media posting, and unique blog content. We are very happy with the results we’ve been able to bring this client and look forward to continuing our services with them in the future.