How RFIP is Bringing in Customers with their New Website and Content

How RFIP is Bringing in Customers with their New Website and Content

The Challenge

RFIP is an expert in large-scale wireless networking infrastructure. They are proud to to be a single source that offers custom-made solutions for their clients’ present and future needs. They design, build, and support your infrastructures from start to finish, and from the simplest to the most complex and challenging ones, with the highest quality and safety standards.

Although RFIP has been around for 15 years and their operations span multiple states, they still needed to update their brand with a brand new website that was easy to manage and represented their brand well, as well as needing management for that website and the content that would be shown on it. To get this done, they knew that they could contact ContentFirst.Marketing.

Our Approach

For RFIP, we started off by creating a new website for them. To help them find their brand’s goals and mission, we worked with them to create one of our top-quality brandscripts and created foundation content for their site. This was all done to ensure that they were attracting the right target market and to bring in more visitors. Likewise, we created a customer portal to help make the overall user experience far more streamlined. We also having been creating content for RFIP, allowing their site to provide the best services to their customers.

RFIP is now on the road to success and we are so glad we are able to work with them. We hope we can continue to create wonderful content for them and their new site!