How Turpin is Generating More Qualified Leads with Their New Website

How Turpin is Generating More Qualified Leads with Their New Website

The Challenge

Turpin Communication was created in 1992 to provide the best available business communication skills training. Turpin builds skills for a lifetime by helping their clients and their teams unlearn unhelpful and out-of-date communication “rules” and by providing practical knowledge, tools, and techniques. What makes Turpin unique is its methodology. They redefine business presentations as Orderly Conversations®. This methodology is based on their book, The Orderly Conversation®, which offers a proven, practical approach to delivering presentations that help move a business forward.  

Turpin continues to offer engagements that are tailored to the specific needs of each organization and the individuals involved. Their new workshops and training evolve continuously with the changing demands and needs of their customer persona. This required Turpin to update its brand with a new website that provides the best user experience and is optimized for conversions. To get this done, they hired ContentFirst.Marketing (C1M). 

Our Approach

C1M started off by understanding Turpin’s current training, workshops, and how they wanted to update their website so that it would clearly convey their unique selling point (USP) to potential buyers. Additionally, the website will provide training information that is detailed yet searchable and facilitate an easy funnel flow of leads. C1M provided a gap analysis to understand where Turpin stands today versus what they want to achieve in terms of developing a more optimized online marketing funnel. C1M then created the foundational content for Turpin’s website to help them meet their marketing goals.  

Overall, C1M was able to help Turpin with the following services:

  1. Revise their Brandscript
  2. Create the Foundational Content
  3. Set up Marketing Automation for nurture campaigns
  4. Assist editorially with Blogging
  5. Distribute content via Social Media
  6. Drive Google Ads campaigns for lead generation
  7. Website Management

C1M also created a unique customer portal for Turpin to help make their analytics more streamlined. The portal provides quick access to the marketing data that would ultimately help them maximize their return on marketing costs.  

Turpin is already experiencing good results with more leads, and we are glad that we are able to work with them. We hope to continue working with Turpin, providing marketing services every step of the way.