How Marquette Dentistry Gained More Leads by Fixing a Laggy Website

How Marquette Dentistry Gained More Leads by Fixing a Laggy Website

The Challenge

Marquette Dentistry has been an award winning dental practice in the heart of Houston for a number of years and is a full service practice complete with a dental laboratory. While founded on principles of respect and integrity, their mission is to provide the highest quality dental care, consultation and experience in their community. Marquette Dentistry strives to educate their patients on proper dental hygiene on their journey to a healthier bite and smile. But, the greatest part of their company, is the fact that they treat their customers as family.

Before Marquette Dentistry came to us, their website was quite laggy. For this reason, they reached out to us to help them quickly fix it, among some other services.

Our Approach.

For Marquette Dentistry, we updated their website to ensure that they didn’t lose any more customers due to a laggy website. This included a custom Brandscript, which was short, however, it was specific for their customer base. Along with the website updates, we ensured that all of the foundation content we created for their brand was directly in line with their Brandscript.

Apart from their foundation content, we create regular articles and content for their blog. This is also included in the emails we send via autoresponders. Overall, these are the following services that we were able to provide to them:

  • Brandscript
  • Marketing Automation
  • Blogging
  • Foundation Content

We do not have a lot of major work with Marquette Dentistry, however, we are happy they decided to use our services. We look forward to more months of great work.