How My HP Jeweler Attracts Unique Customer to Their Physical Shop

How My HP Jeweler Attracts Unique Customer to Their Physical Shop

The Challenge

My HP Jeweler is one of the most innovative and unique jewelry stores ever. Formerly known as Forward Designs and William Sheahan Designs, the owner, William Sheahan, began designing jewelry by hand in his garage on a homemade work bench in 1984. Now, with over 35 years of experience in design, production, sales and repair of fine custom jewelry, Williams “My HP Jewelry” now has a showroom in the historic Snider Plaza Shopping Area, which is a feat of it’s own.

William initially reached out to us needing a website makeover. However, unlike most online jewelry stores, he wanted it as more of a gallery and less like a store. So, in essence, he wanted you to view all of his amazing jewelry without the ability to buy it online.

Our Approach.

To start, we built as requested. We gave the website the ability to view the jewelry designed by William. Likewise, we gave it the ability to schedule appointments with him. But, we removed the store. Along with the website, we added foundation content and brandscript to target his ideal audience. Apart from that, we helped him with the following services:

  • Brandscript
  • Marketing Automation
  • Blogging
  • Foundation Content
  • Website Makeover
  • Social Media Content Posting

Lastly, we collected hundreds of images of jewelry created stories along with blogging. This was done to help implement a unique social media strategy to drive referrals. Overall, the websites foundation content, blog content, social media and email automations are light. However, we are extremely happy with the results we were able to get William. We can’t wait to work with him again!