The Challenge

Alex Havard is a public speaker with a devoted following in multiple countries. Harvard needed a website that effectively promoted his books and speaking engagements to his English, French, and Spanish-speaking audience.

Additionally, Havard needed to become the focal point as he is the “brand.” His previous websites (he had two) focused on Virtuous Leadership which is the teaching course he had developed. The challenge was two-fold–consolidate the content from two sites into one cohesive site and make it accessible in multiple languages.


Our Approach

C1M started by understanding the needs for the website and what content was a “must have” on the new consolidated site. The C1M team then created a full Brandscript that positioned Alex Havard as the founder of the Virtuous Leadership training courses. We then created a website with Foundation Content reflecting the new focus.

C1M helped Alex Havard with the following services for the new website:

  1. Brandscript for repositioning
  2. Foundational Content
  3. Graphic design
  4. Automation with third-party platforms for the sales of books and courses
  5. Translation of the site for a French and Spanish-speaking audience
  6. Video creation
  7. Visual Journalism
  8. Website Management


It was a large project which made it all the sweeter when we received praise from the client for the completed work. We are excited to continue our partnership with Alex Havard, maintaining the site and adding new content as it becomes available.