OUR RECENT WORK – High Adventure Treks

OUR RECENT WORK – High Adventure Treks

The Challenge

High Adventure Treks has a mission of “Growing Relationships, Communication, and Leadership Through Adventure with Our Dads.” To achieve this goal, they host several outdoor adventure campouts for fathers and their children throughout the year.

The challenge the organization faced was two-fold. First, their website had not been updated in many years and sorely needed a refresh. Hand-in-hand this was the need to clearly communicate the many adventures that fathers and daughters/sons could experience together.


Our Approach

Taking a cue from the quintessential outdoor organizations such as the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America, C1M designers created a series of “patches,” or “badges”—one for each type of adventure—that would clearly illustrate the type of adventure. The designs would be instrumental in helping visitors of the website navigate to the adventure of their choice and, like the forenamed organizations, could be used as milestones of achievement for families as they experienced multiple adventures over the years. Physically embroidering the patches as collectible items was even discussed for a future project.

C1M is proud of the collaboration with the High Adventures Treks leadership team to highlight the individual adventures with easily recognizable icons and then seamlessly incorporate these designs into the updated website design.