How Phoenix Integrative Refreshed Their Brand and Gained More Patients

How Phoenix Integrative Refreshed Their Brand and Gained More Patients

The Challenge

Phoenix Integrative Medical Center is a thriving medical center built on the shoulders of an amazing family practice. Bryan Hoffman, like his father before him, has over 18 years of clinical practice. This has allowed him to provide the utmost in quality medical care.

After Dr. Hoffman started having his own physical challenges that would not subside, especially because of the limitations of conventional medicine. He then pursued Integrative and Functional Medicine, to find alternative ways to treat his problems as well as his patients. This has allowed him to provide his patients with additional treatment options that were limited in conventional medicine.

To start, they needed to migrate their website and make some other visual changes as well. To accomplish this, they engaged us to help. 

Our Approach.

Apart from the website migration, Phoenix Integrative Medical Center needed to have their brandscript and foundation content refreshed to ensure their audience clearly knew who they were targeting. Apart from the rebrand and website makeover, they needed Facebook ads to bring in new patients as well as the following services:

  • Brandscript
  • Marketing Automation
  • Quick Leads – Social
  • Customer Portal

And finally being a healthcare client, they also need monthly syndicated posts to keep their audience engaged and updated. We look forward to working with them more!