Rodriguez Rejuvenation Attracts the Right Patients Due to Their Brand Revamp

Rodriguez Rejuvenation Attracts the Right Patients Due to Their Brand Revamp

The Challenge

Rodriguez Rejuvenation is a one-stop-shop for cosmetic rejuvenation. They help their patients look and feel beautiful, both inside and out. Likewise, they help their patients achieve their desired results by determining which surgical or non-surgical options are perfect. Once determined, they go over any necessary aftercare steps that are needed. And since each procedure is different, some may require multiple appointments. In some cases, the patient may continue part of the treatment at home, but their treatments help all patients feel and look good.

They required a revamp to their brand. While they didn’t need a new website, they did need blogging and some help with social media leads, among other things. For these reasons, they reached out to us for the help they needed.

Our Approach.

While Rodriguez Rejuvenation decided to not take advantage of our amazing website services, there was plenty we were able to help with, such as: helping them run Facebook Ads to gain more leads and revising their brand using brandscript to help them attract more ideal customers. Apart from that, we were also able to help them with the following services:

  • Brandscript
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Portal
  • Syndicated Digest Posts

As a healthcare client, we made sure everything was compliant to their specific healthcare industry. All in all, this is an amazing new client and we are happy to have them use our services. We look forward to more work with them in the future.