How Sara Lembke Health Improved Her Online Reputation With a Website Update

How Sara Lembke Health Improved Her Online Reputation With a Website Update

The Challenge

Sara Lembke Health is a company started by the highly experienced Sara Lembke. Since starting her healthcare clinic, Sarah has been using her expertise to help her patients find long-lasting results that each of them is looking for. Sarah has moved away from the traditional cookie-cutter approach to health and wellness and believes that her patients deserve better than that. This is why, whether patients are seeking medically supervised weight loss, injectables, or looking to optimize their hormones, she works directly with them to craft an individualized plan for each patient.

Initially she only needed a website makeover and some other minor services. However, when she reached out to us for help, we realized that we needed to create a unique strategy. Along with the strategy, we needed a unique roadmap to ensure our work efforts would help her bring her company to the level that she was envisioning.

Our Approach.

For Sara Lembke Health, we did a complete website makeover which included foundation content for that website to ensure more engagement with her patients and her prospects. We also created an email automation to update her subscribers with information about promotions, updates about new blog content, as well as to keep them engaged with her brand overall. Apart from this, we offer the following services:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Shared Apps
  • Shared Content
  • Reputation Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Social Media Content Posting

Lastly, we create regular blog content every month to keep her visitors engaged. This also makes them come back for more valuable information about her services. Apart from an amazing website, we are constantly providing updates to ensure that her brand is up to date. As another healthcare client, we are proud of the results we’ve achieved and look forward to more work with her.