How SLR Medical Consulting Attracts More Labs with Their New Website

How SLR Medical Consulting Attracts More Labs with Their New Website

The Challenge

SLR Medical Consulting is a supply company in the medical industry as well as the surgical industry. As one of the most reliable and quality suppliers in their field, their reputation allows them to supply thousands of surgical facilities across the country. The supplies they offer include screws, plates, implants, and even bio tissue, which is used in orthopedic surgeries. Apart from that, they offer PPE supplies to those facilities and training labs. They are also miles ahead of their competition. The reason for this is because their inventory is on-hand, meaning there is no lead time from China.

While they didn’t need help with a lot, they reached out to us for help with a complete rebrand of their website.

Our Approach:

For SLR Medical Consulting, we created a brand new website. This includes not only the Brandscript, but also foundation content to ensure they attract the type of clients they help. Overall, we helped them take advantage of a changing medical market during the first year of the COVID Pandemic, and it allowed them to be positioned in the right place at the right time. Our deliverables included: 

  • Brandscript
  • Foundation Content
  • Website with updated design
  • Additional Marketing collateral

The Result:

SLR Medical Consulting was able to leverage smart forms that integrated into their CRM to help close more deals and expand their reach in the market. The simple, easy-to-navigate design allowed the site to capture visitors quickly, and increase requests for consultations and product catalogs. Our team was able to help them pivot again in late 2021, focusing their content on more surgical supply advancements.