How The Steeplechase Company Has Grown to a Leading Digital Market Healthcare Provider

How The Steeplechase Company Has Grown to a Leading Digital Market Healthcare Provider

The Challenge

Founded by Daisy Wong and John Arnott, the two have over 4 decades of experience, The Steeplechase Company specializes in content and digital marketing healthcare providers and specialist. Their site is for helping healthcare providers understand how to market their practice. It is also to help providers, in charge of marketing, connect with more patients and help more people.

Even with many years of experience and expertise, everyone still needs to have a website with the correct branding to attract the right market. That is why they reached out to ContentFirst.Marketing to help them improve their branding and update their website. 

Our Approach.

To start, our goal for the Steeplechase Company’s website was to educate and attract site visitors. Thus, they would take action by scheduling a free consultation with Steeplechases team. Unlike other content marketing firms, Steeplechase is specific in working with healthcare providers. As such, we tailored the language to focus on the provider-patient relationship. The site incorporates easy-to-use scheduling tools, regular blog content and questionnaire lead magnets. Apart from that, we also helped them with the following services:

  • Full Brandscript
  • Marketing Automation
  • Blogging
  • Foundation Content
  • Website
  • Healthcare Client

Lastly, for this project, we also created a targeted email campaign for new subscribers. That way, we could track site analytics and understand site visitor activity. Thus keeping in contact with interested prospects. Overall, we can’t stress enough how amazing this site is and how happy we are with the results we were able to bring them. We look forward to our continued business with them.