How The Waterways Company Went from 2 Decades old to Modern with a New Website & Branding

How The Waterways Company Went from 2 Decades old to Modern with a New Website & Branding

The Challenge

The Waterways Company is a premium water dispenser manufacturer based out of Pomona, California. They provide bottled water and premium, point-of-use water coolers to dealers and distributors across the world. With over 150 years of combined experience, Waterways has been able to provide premium water dispensers to dealers and distributors across the globe for over 2 decades.

With their long history of high quality water dispensers, they decided to improve their brand even further with an update. That is why they reached out to us to do a website makeover.

Our Approach.

For The Waterways Company, we started off by creating a brand new site. We took into account their brand and used images, content and colors directly in-line with it. Along with the new website, we included full brandscript, foundation content as well as a new customer portal. This was done to keep their new tech-savvy customer happy, while still appealing to their long-standing customers. We then made their site streamlined and simple enough so that there was not too much going on for the visitors. The following are all of the services we have been able to help them with:

  • Full Brandscript
  • Marketing Automation
  • Blogging
  • Foundation Content
  • Customer Portal
  • Website
  • Social Media Content Posting

Lastly, we set up the site with Call to Action buttons that encourages users to take action and added lead magnets which allows people searching for their website with the information to make informed contact With a full suite of tools provided via Infusionsoft, they are building contacts, nurturing those contacts, and building a network of potential sales. Overall, we are enthralled with the results we’ve been able to achieve for this client. We look forward to continue working with them further.