Content Ideas For Your Website or Blog

Content Ideas For Your Website or Blog

infographicWhen it comes to building popular websites and blogs, content really is king. Google has even said that the single most important factor used in determining a site’s ranking is content. Publishing unique, relevant content will give visitors a reason to return to your site, which in turn boosts its popularity and search ranking.But how are you supposed to come up with new content ideas for your website or blog?

Don’t Focus Your Efforts Strictly on Text

One of the biggest mistakes webmasters make is focusing their content generation efforts strictly on text. Don’t get me wrong, text content is perfectly fine. In fact, it should be the bulk of your site’s content since both visitors and search engines are able to read it. However, this doesn’t mean you should overlook the use of other forms of content. Introducing non-text content into your site will make it more complex and dynamic, which will almost certainly have a positive effect on its rankings.

See the list below for some innovative content ideas for your website or blog:

  • ‘Roundup’ of your site’s most popular articles or posts.
  • Tutorials (who doesn’t enjoy reading tutorials?).
  • Videos related to your site’s niche/industry (hint: search for YouTube videos and embed them into your site).
  • Host a giveaway.
  • Create a visual representation of facts, figures and statistics related to a specific topic (also known as an infographic).
  • Conduct an interview with a leading figure in your niche.
  • Create and upload PDF file, such as guide.
  • Hold a discussion about news or current events.
  • Host a content in which visitors to submit stories, photos, videos or some other type of content.
  • Create a “Top 10” list.
  • Review a product or service (hint: contact product manufacturers to see if they are willing to give you a free sample in exchange for an honest review on your website).
  • Hold a webinar.
  • Break a long post into a 3 or 4 shorter posts and post them as a series — readers will be enticed to check back for the next installment.

Of course, this is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the different types of web content you can create. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t focus all of your efforts on text, because there’s a whole new world of content options available at your fingertips.

Have any other content creation tips that you would like to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments section below! Then give us a call.

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Content Ideas For Your Website or Blog
Instead of sticking with the standard text-based / article-style blog post, check out these innovative ideas for changing up your blog.

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