Does Your Medical Practice Maximize the Use of Content Marketing?

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As you know by now, you need healthcare marketing to grow your practice. It’s not enough that you’re an expert in your field, and your patients rave about your practice. In today’s digital world, knowing only the traditional route of marketing may be wasting your money and your efforts. Most healthcare marketers spend 4.8% of their revenue for digital marketing. For the most part, this budget goes to healthcare content marketing.

Why are we seeing this trend?

Healthcare marketers witnessed how creating fresh and customized content:

In this blog, we shall discuss ways that you can maximize the use of medical practice content marketing to enhance your digital marketing strategies.

We will show you how to create content that you can use in many different distribution channels as part of your practice marketing strategy. Plus, we’ll show you how to convey health information online to your target audience so they will view you as a thought leader in your field.


How Can You Maximize the Use of Online Content for Marketing Your Medical Practice?


1. Maximize your distribution channels

Part of the services we offer to medical providers is writing fresh online content. Some clients use the content solely on their websites for their blog pages.

Here are other ways you can send out content to your readers:

  • Email

The same content that you use for your articles and blogs can be used for your email marketing. Whether you use MailChimp or the built-in email marketing system in your platform, you can increase traffic to your website by sending the same healthcare information and tips to your existing patientsemail accounts.

Do this by writing engaging headlines and adding “click-here-to-read-more” buttons in the text to lead them back to the blog on your website. You can also use it as an add-on article that you can post at the bottom of a reminder email or survey email. Always make sure your content is valuable and unique.

  • Social media

You can post the same header content to your social media accounts and create a link that leads to your website. To capture your desired target audience, you need to have headlines that sell and hook your readers.

Here are two useful blogs that will help you navigate this tricky area of writing catchy headlines:

You can send monthly newsletters to recap on the health information you’ve been sending out every week. This way, your readers will not miss any of your weekly content.

Plus, you can ask your readers how often they want to receive updates from you. You can tailor your updates based on their preferences.

  • Videos

You can create a video script using your online content and post it on Youtube. Send out this video link to the social media and email platforms above. Some people prefer to watch and listen, rather than read and scroll. You can also run these videos in your waiting rooms.

  • Ads

You can use part of the content for your ads in Google, Facebook, and Youtube. Just capture the three main points of the blog and turn them into an ad. Provide a link for all those ads that lead to your website.

Additionally, you can use the same ad and turn it into an audio ad and run it on your phone line while the patient waits for your scheduler or customer service representative to answer the phone.

  • Infographics

Blogs can be long and tedious to the eyes. Creating infographics that capture salient points from the articles and posting it on your social media accounts is another form of content marketing.

  • FAQs

Turn those blogs into FAQs and print on brochures that patients can bring home and share with families and friends who are not keen on using technology. This will be very useful in answering questions that may have been left unspoken during the clinic visit.


2. Maximize the information you share on these distribution channels

Define your voice

Share your expertise by sending us information unique to your practice to enhance our research-backed content. You can significantly improve your authority and your reputation as a thought leader when you have a sense of ownership of the content. If you cannot personally devote your time, a trusted staff who’s engaged in your overall healthcare marketing and knows your style and voice can work alongside the digital marketing team.

Reuse content to educate

Those brochures in your waiting area can be repurposed into online content and edited to adhere to digital marketing best practices. Even an informed consent form can be a source of content for patient education regarding the procedures and services you offer.

Reach out to your target audience

Look up highly-searched keywords regarding your practice and services. This will give you clues on what kind of information your target patients are looking for. Post this kind of content in your distribution channels.


3. Maximize your return on investment for each piece of content.

Whenever you post content, have clear goals in mind that can be measured using metrics.

Does your content:

  • generate new patient appointment?
  • increase loyalty and recommendation to other potential patients?
  • ease the fear and anxiety of undergoing a procedure and results in surgery scheduling?
  • move your patients to take action regarding their health and therefore add value to the patient’s overall healthcare experience?

Content marketing is more than just creating blogs and posting them on your website. We can help your medical practice maximize the use of content marketing to boost your business and get more patient leads. Schedule your FREE review here to see how we can help.

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