Easy Ways to Generate More Facebook Likes

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Still struggling to generate likes on your Facebook page? It’s disheartening when you invest your time and energy into creating a strong presence on Facebook, only to discover that few people have liked your page. Without people following your page, your posts will remain largely unseen.

So, what’s the best way to get more likes on your Facebook page?

Great Content = More Facebook Likes

You can’t expect users to like and follow your Facebook page unless you are providing them with relevant, high-quality content on a regular basis. The good news is that you don’t have to create all of the content yourself. Like other social media networks, Facebook allows users to share content. When you come across a post that you believe is engaging is relevant, click the “share” button at the bottom to post it on your page.

Posting Time

Don’t underestimate the importance of posting new content to your Facebook page at the right time. A good rule of thumb is to post during a time when your target audience is most likely to be online. If you are operate a business-to-business service, for instance, then you may want to post new content during the normal 8-5 PM hours. If you operate a consumer sales business, you should post between 5-8 PM.

Include Images

Numerous studies have shown images to be the most engaging type of social media content, so be sure to include them on your Facebook page. Facebook users love to share funny and heartwarming images with their friends and family members. And each time someone shares one of your images, it increases the chance of your page receiving an additional like.

Of course, you should be warned that any images posted to Facebook must be yours and only yours. This means Creative Commons images are off-limits, as the author of such images only grants permissible use rights, not full rights. If you are going to post images to Facebook, make sure they are your images and not someone else’s.

Link Your Website to Your Facebook Page

Assuming you have a website or blog, why not link it to your Facebook page? Including something as simple as a “Click here to like our Facebook page” at the bottom of your website can yield dozens if not hundreds of new likes. Alternatively, you can set up social sharing buttons on your website, which can be done either manually or automatically via a third-party plugin or app. The bottom line is that you want to encourage your website’s visitors to like your Facebook page.


Last but not least, consider holding a contest to generate more likes to your Facebook page. This can be something as simple as choosing a name for your new product or uploading a photo, at which point the user will receive some type of award. Even if it’s just a $10 gift card, small rewards such as this can generate tons of likes. Check out our earlier post on how to run a Facebook sweepstakes!

What other methods do you use to generate Facebook likes? Let us know in the comments section below! Then, give us a call.

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Easy Ways to Generate More Facebook Likes
Facebook likes are important because those users who liked you page will see your content, as well as other users will see your page has been liked, so they are be more likely to take a look.

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