Enhancing Your Business’ Website to Make It More Accessible for People with Disabilities

Enhancing Your Business’ Website to Make It More Accessible for People with Disabilities

Understanding ADA Compliance  

Many people go online to read the news, check their social media accounts, or even do some shopping. These all seem like simple tasks that are taken for granted, but there are millions of people with disabilities who are not able to complete them quite as easily. This is where technology can make a major impact and create a new world online for people with disabilities. Since 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act came into effect, providing a structure of how websites should be created for anyone who is visually impaired or a mobile disability.  

When establishing and designing a website, keep in mind that it must be accessible to individuals with disabilities. A way to ensure this is by complying with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by providing web material that is accessible to individuals with disabilities. This is a vital feature for websites, and it is even required by law in some circumstances. As a result, it is critical to thoroughly comprehend what an ADA compliant website is and what it takes to create one. 

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines  

The WCAG is a set of guidelines for website compliance that many companies use when creating their website.  Using the WCAG will focus on four categories which ensure that your web content is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. These are the standards that help improve your website to make it accessible for people who have mobile disabilities or visually impaired. There are several features that are needed when creating a website that make it user-friendly for people with disabilities.  

A perceivable website is a site that represents information that can be observed by all people regardless of their disabilities. For example, if someone is color blind, there are certain colors to be used between the background and of the text. This helps to be able to see it properly. An operable website is when all the functions can be used easily by anyone who has a disability. This is an important feature for people with motor skills disabilities or motor impairments. To create an understandable website, we must utilize simple phrases and instructions so that visitors can comprehend the context of the content presented on the site. A robust website is one that is compatible with a variety of assistive technology, such as screen readers, which are used by blind people to access the internet. AI technology can monitor a website to make sure that it continues to be ADA-compliant.  


What Can We Do for Your Website?  

Content First Marketing has an AI feature that applies the same thinking process while it analyzes the site. The AI feature can visually match elements and behaviors to millions of past encounters. There are many components that are offered to help make your website accessible for everyone. AI technology ensures the website will be up to par even when there are changes made. Image recognition is an important feature, and Content First Marketing scans all the images on a website and then elaborate the text, providing a description of the image. This is important for blind users, as they depend on a screen reader to read the site so they can navigate the website 

At Content First Marketing, we use top technology to review your website to make sure it is ADA compliant. If you would like a free review, please send us an email at . We guarantee to create web content that is user-friendly and accessible to everyone.  Contact us today.


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