How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

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Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for connecting with current and future customers. 18 out of 100 people who open a marketing email end up making a purchase. While  49% of email users said, they like to receive weekly brand emails from businesses.  

However, in order for email marketing ideas to be effective, you first need a hefty email marketing list. Having more subscribers who receive your emails inherently translates to a higher return on investment.  Additionally, the cost to manage an email marketing campaign doesn’t increase significantly with a larger email marketing list. 

So, how can you expand your email marketing services, grow your email list, and find new customers or clients who will connect with your business and your brand? 

It all starts with understanding the foundation of email marketing.  

What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is a direct form of marketing that promotes the products or services of a business. It also fosters name recognition and brand loyalty. An email marketing campaign can consist of multiple facets, from welcome emails and regular newsletters to special events, promotions, and other company news. 

How Can You Create an Email Marketing Campaign? 

The best way to craft an email marketing campaign is to partner with an expert company like ContentFirst Marketing, which specializes in email marketing services 

There are many smart decisions that need to be considered throughout the email marketing process. First, you need to plan your sending schedule, template, images, and even the subject line and preview text.  

That is why a marketing company will ensure your emails aren’t quickly shuttled to the spam folder. Americans receive up to 300 emails a day, so when launching an email campaign, it’s essential to get it right and make a bold first impression, or you might lose a potential connection.  


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Email Marketing Ideas that Can Help Grow Your Email List 

Before you can hit send on your first marketing email, you need to have an email marketing list of recipients who are most likely to respond to your company and message. 

Luckily, there are a few simple and easy ways to lengthen your list, and most importantly, find folks who are most likely to be interested in your email communications. 

 Let’s take a look at some different methods that will help your brand grow its email marketing list 

Have a Sign-up Form on Your Website 

A sign-up form on your website is a necessity. This will connect you with customers already familiar with your company and brand. 

The key is to ensure that your sign-up form is easily accessible and obvious on your website. Additionally, there are a few ways to make the sign-up option stand out in a crowd of images and verbiage. 

  • Pop-up – A pop-up prompt to sign up for email updates is impossible to miss, and can be added directly to your homepage for the most exposure possible. 
  • Banner – A banner is an image or other display that stretches across your website. This is typically at the top of your website to grab the most attention. Adding a banner to multiple pages can result in even more engagement, as viewers will see it regardless of the webpage they land on. 
  • Flyout – Similar to a pop-up prompt, a flyout instantly attracts attention, as your sign-up information slides into view from the top, bottom, or sides of your website pages. 
  • Inline – An inline option is embedded within your site’s content. This is a good solution if you have specific parameters for your sign-up form’s location and overall function.   

Use a Lead Generation Landing Page 

Social media can be an excellent resource for finding email recipients. Also, it is a specific lead generation landing page that you can direct your current followers to receive more information and updates from your business. You can create multiple and distinct landing pages as needed. Therefore, add a sign-up or subscribe button on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Also, you can add the link to your landing page to your bio information on Instagram and Twitter.  

Run Lead Generation Ads on Social Media 

In addition to having a link to a specific lead generation page, you can boost your social media response by paid advertising specifically designed to enlist email subscribers. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter all offer opportunities to create and launch these ads that will allow you to connect to a vast audience.  

Offer Incentives for Signing Up  

A little incentive can go a long way, and you can use promotions on your social media pages and website (or even in person) to encourage people to sign up for your email marketing list. Examples of incentives include discounts on initial purchases, free guides related to your company’s services, free promotional items, and much more. 

Use Direct and In-person Marketing Methods 

Events, conferences, and other gatherings where you connect with your customers one-on-one are great opportunities to find lifelong consumers.  Have an email marketing sign-up sheet available at all events where you will represent your company. It is important to make sure your sign-up sheet is obvious, and you can mention it during conversations with prospective customers.  

Review Your Existing Database 

Chances are, you have records of all your past customers or clients. These are the folks that will most likely use your business again and again. So, ensure your existing database of customers is included on your email marketing list. This way, you can update potential prospects with your company news and promotions regularly.  

Start Growing Your Email Marketing List with ContentFirst Marketing  

The strength of your email marketing list often determines the success of your email marketing campaign. In order to achieve success in email marketing, your first step is to find professional expert assistance.  

At ContentFirst Marketing, we help with every detail of email marketing services, from creating the perfect list, to finding the messages and content that will resonate with your target demographic.  

Let’s discuss your current needs, goals, and how we can help achieve them. With email marketing reigning supreme as one of the most effective means of direct marketing across all industries, you have an exceptional opportunity to grow your brand loyalty, business, and one email subscriber at a time.

Reach out to us today.  

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