How to Overcome Your Competitors with SEO Writing 

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August 9, 2022

The internet is fiercely competitive. Thousands of new businesses are born every year, and they are here to compete. That means targeting to rank in the top position on that coveted first page of search engine results. That’s the goal and that’s the motivation. That’s the measure of success. With thousands of new businesses every year and billions of searches every day, how can you set your business apart from the rest and wave down at your competitors from your top position? 

 The answer is SEO.   Search engine optimization is the key to overcoming your competitors. This isn’t a big secret- there are no secrets in the digital world. So, if everyone is focused on SEO, why are some businesses more successful than others? Plain and simple- they work smarter and harder to implement SEO into every element of marketing strategy 

 Successful businesses know the value of SEO writing and how to implement it. Other companies know that SEO is the missing element in their marketing strategy, but they just don’t know how to make it work for them. Still, others are spinning their wheels, focusing on one or two aspects of SEO, while competitors are continually researching, learning, expanding, and evaluating the effectiveness of the brand’s SEO marketing strategy. 

 Build a Successful SEO Strategy with ContentFirst Marketing  

 With your competition growing by the day, there is no time to waste. The time to optimize your brand’s SEO website design is now. Luckily, the digital world is full of professional SEO resources. Reach out to an expert SEO company today to kickstart your transition to the top.

ContentFirst Marketing is a digital marketing company that specializes in SEO writing. Our team can strategize ways to increase your brand’s digital presence and convert leads into sales by focusing on SEO 

Let’s explore some best practices to keep in mind when building your SEO strategy.  

 Identify the Right Keywords 

Keyword research is a core component of SEO. You can’t target your content to reach your audience without knowing what kinds of keywords your users are using. Moreover, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do this. Your competitors are most likely doing keyword research, so why not use this to your advantage? It’s a good idea to review and study the content they’re publishing. Then, use public tools and see what pages of theirs are performing best. Using the best keywords your competitors are targeting, figure out how to take it up a notch using the exact keywords. This is all public information and it’s fair to use it to compare your strategy. 

 Focus on your Competitors 

 Take a look at what your competitors are doing. It’s okay- all is fair in a competition that is public and open to anyone. You can’t expect to compete blindly. You have to know your opponent to be able to find the right way to beat them. Use competitive monitoring tools to see what’s working and what’s not. Then, take what’s working and do it better than them! 

 Stay Current with SEO Strategies 

 Make a habit of reading a few top SEO blogs regularly. The world of SEO is constantly changing, even if just in small ways. Ignoring the small changes can add up to one big mistake if you don’t stay current on SEO strategies and tactics. 

 Focus on Effective Content 

 This is where you put your best effort into what you’re writing. It needs to be awesome to rank above the competition. Here’s are some ways to make your content effective. 

Target Your Topic for Your Audience 

 This means that you want to cover a topic that your target audience cares about. Look at popular blogs, videos, online community forums and find out what people are talking about and what topics are trending. 

It’s Comprehensive 

Publish content that gives someone searching for a keyword everything they are looking for and more. The more information that search engines like Google can learn by crawling over your text, the more likely they are to see your page as relevant to the search. 

It’s Optimized for Users 

 Simply put, you want to make sure your content is super easy to consume. If your content isn’t easy to read and understand, it won’t rank. Your chances of satisfying more user interests increases if you include the following in your content. 

  • Video
  • Audio 
  • Diagrams
  • Charts 
  • Quizzes 
  • Games 

Analyze Your Results 

 There’s no point in working your SEO strategy if you’re not going to see how your content is performing. One way to do this is to track your page’s search engine rankings and adjust as needed.  

Publish New Content Regularly 

 Websites that perform the best are the ones that regularly produce high-quality content. “Regularly” isn’t the same for everyone. For some, a comfortable pace might be to publish once a week. For others, maybe twice a month is just right. Publishing frequency isn’t as important as consistency. The key is to find your pace and stay on schedule. Your readers have learned your patterns and come to rely on them. The less consistent you are, the more likely lose more followers.   

Reach your Word Count Goal  

 There is no magic number when it comes to word count. Most would agree that anywhere from 1,000-2,000 words is sufficient for SEO. The important thing is to make sure you write enough to cover your topic thoroughly. Higher-ranking content is elaborate and valuable, as opposed to thin and minimal. The idea is to outperform “average” content- perhaps by adding valuable information that your competitors neglected to mention, for example. 

Establish an SEO Strategy with ContentFirst Marketing 

 SEO is an ongoing process. If you want to overtake your competitors and maintain your place at the top, you can’t afford to stop working on your SEO strategy. It takes a lot of work and even more commitment, so if you’re looking to outsource your SEO needs, rely on a professional.  

 ContentFirst Marketing is your SEO expert resource. We know how important it is to stay at the top of the SEO game. Our digital marketing team is experienced in customized planning and SEO implementation that fits the needs of your business. Let’s partner together to build a strong SEO strategy so that you can climb your way past the competition, one step at a time. 

Contact us today. 

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