Important Tips for Effective SEO Writing for Your Website

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June 28, 2023

Your website often serves as your initial introduction to new customers or clients, and when it comes to online users discovering your business, visibility is key. 68% of all online experiences begin with a search engine but less than 1% of Google searchers bother to click on the second page of search engine results.  

How Do You Land at the Top of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?  

The answer is with exceptional SEO. 

When it comes to content writing for websites, SEO (or search engine optimization) always needs to be an ever-present factor. From your word choice to your headings and titles, strategic SEO web content writers focus on all the details that inch a website higher on the search engine result pages.  

An exceptional marketing partner specializing in SEO writing services will help you get started and can provide SEO services that take your content to the next level.  

From on-page SEO service (which reviews your current content and adds visibility-enhancing tweaks) to providing new SEO content that will position your company as a voice of authority, having a marketing resource that can handle all aspects of SEO service for websites is the most efficient way forward. 

In the meantime, there are a few tips you can employ now to enhance your SEO-focused writing. Before you publish your next web page or blog post, keep the following content writing tips in mind to stay ahead of the competition. 

Conduct Keyword Research

The first step is knowing what keywords and phrases online searches use to find businesses like yours. Longtail keywords (or keywords that are 3-5 words) are especially important, as they can fit naturally into your verbiage and tend to be used in more specific searches. Google has free tools available to help identify which keywords are trending. However, a specialized marketing partner can dive deeper into this research to come up with a comprehensive keyword strategy that will achieve results.   

Analyze the Websites of Your Competitors

Once you have a list of keywords that connect with your business and website, it’s time to do an SEO comparison. Do a few online searches with your keywords to see what articles, websites, and pages appear at the top of the list. This will give you a better idea of the type of SEO content writing you’ll need to create. Just make sure you don’t duplicate the results or verbiage completely. Remember that having large duplicate content on a website can negatively impact your search engine rankings. 

Write Attention Grabbing Content

Your first sentence and paragraph should grab attention, include keywords, and provide a brief outline of what the article or webpage is all about. It’s a delicate combination to master. However, your first sentence will determine whether your audience keeps reading or hits the back button.  

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

It’s obvious when you’ve read an online article that appears the author simply threw in a few keywords for the sake of SEO, and your audience – and Google – does too. Google roughly defines keyword stuffing as the “practice of filling a web page with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate rankings in Google Search results,” the result comes out choppy and unreadable. Instead, stick to natural prose, like you are writing for a magazine, and add keywords naturally as the opportunities arise. 

Know Your Target Market

When you add website content, it’s important to understand your target audience. Also, it’s important to understand their level of knowledge about the topic you are writing about. Are your customers already experts about the particulars of your products or services, or are they brand new to your industry?  

What is their age group and demographic, and what are their common questions when they visit your website? The answers to these questions will help pinpoint the topics you need to cover and the information you need to share to grab your audience’s attention. 

Add New Content

One of the best ways to stand out in a crowd while positioning your business as an expert in your field is to add something new to the conversation. Add a new spin or dimension to an existing topic or find new subjects to cover that will interest your readers. You want to outline the basics of your business and your industry on your website. Still, your blog posts, articles, and supplemental content should contain new information that can’t be found on your competitors’ websites. 

You Have 15 seconds – So Make Your Article Scannable

According to an article in Time Magazine, the average online reader spends just 15 seconds on a specific website page. So, it is best to have an immediate way to grab attention, and that comes from headings. Add H1, H2, H3, and subheading tags that identify what each section of your web page or blog post is about – especially if it’s long. This way, readers can easily scan and pause on sections of your story that interest them. Google also looks at these tags, so adding headings is an organic way to boost your SEO. 

Don’t Forget – Details Are Important

Google and other search engines don’t just consider your content when it comes to ranking – they are also looking at your tags, URL, title, meta description, and other detailed factors behind the scenes. Make sure every element of your website is optimized for SEO. This includes everything from your page description to the alternative image or video tags. These little details can go a long way toward increasing your search results. 

Create an Effective Strategy with an SEO Specialist 

The best way to optimize your website for SEO is to have an effective strategy that can edge you above the competition, and that resource is ContentFirst Marketing.  

We can help you create a complete marketing strategy that enhances your digital presence across the board. Also, we have the knowledge and expertise required to ensure that your website stands out on the crowded internet. 

Boost Your Online Presence with SEO Writing 

Reach out to us today for a free review of your website. Let’s discuss the moves you can make now to enhance your SEO. With ContentFirst Marketing as your content creation backbone, you can ensure that your business earns the recognition and online visibility it deserves.  

Contact us today. 


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