Independent Medical Sales Representative

June 2, 2020

Content First Marketing is a growing digital marketing firm seeking a Sales Representative to join our team! As a Sale Representative, you will have the opportunity to sell our digital marketing services to businesses located across the U.S. We offer a suite of services including blog writing, email marketing, social media and website transformation.


We specialize in helping Healthcare Providers identify their strengths and then develop strategies and content designed to help them achieve their growth objectives. In our experience, we find that many businesses have websites and marketing materials that are poorly designed and / or lack compelling content. Often the content is copied from out-of-date brochures or was written by someone lacking copywriting skills.

Our strength is creating outstanding content — we have a team of professional writers who work directly with providers to understand their brand, target audience and objectives. Armed with this information, they create targeted, compelling content for client websites, email marketing campaigns, social media, blogs, landing pages and more.

What Differentiates Content First Marketing from Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

Our focus is on providing exceptional content and compelling targeted copy — and our commitment to healthcare services businesses.

Our competitive edge is operating in an underserved, niche space — healthcare services businesses who need guidance and solutions at prices they can afford.

  • We are priced so that businesses can afford our solutions, yet still receive an outstanding level of service.
  • We structure our offers into easy-to-sell subscriptions with standardized pricing.
  • From the sales perspective, our offers are more like a product with features than a service with ambiguous boundaries.

What Is It Like to Work for Content First Marketing?

Content First Marketing is a completely virtual company! Each team member has the flexibility to work when and where they are most comfortable, usually from a home office. As an Independent Sales Rep, you will be expected to work some during clients’ normal business hours.

You’ll spend your days prospecting, scheduling and completing appointments, presenting proposals and closing. Appointments can be face-to-face, but are usually handled remotely via a GoToMeeting call.

You will be expected to:

  • Understand and communicate the services found at http://ContentFirst.Marketing.
  • Have direct interaction with healthcare business owners by phone, GoToMeeting, Skype and face-to-face.
  • Generate leads by contacting local businesses and networking either online or in-person with business owners.
  • Research any practice before a call or a meeting.
  • Review the website, current content marketing and prepare a discussion plan. (We train for this)
  • Use the interview questionnaire to qualify and identify prospect needs and unique selling propositions.
  • Close prospects and update the opportunity in the CRM with any notes important to the implementation team.


Desired Skills & Experience

Our mission is to help practice owners grow their business. We want a sales rep who whole-heartedly embraces this concept. This position doesn’t require extensive experience selling; however, it does require demonstrated past results of selling success.

You are the ideal candidate if you:

  • Like people — and like to see people succeed.
  • Can find creative ways to make businesses achieve their growth objectives.
  • Are a native English speaker who communicates professionally, ethically and engagingly.
  • Feel comfortable calling prospects to schedule an appointment after we conduct a free digital marketing and website analysis.
  • Understand healthcare practice owners face challenges such as cash flow & budget shortages, misunderstanding digital marketing best practices, and lacking a clear understanding of their unique selling proposition and / or a thoughtfully crafted business plan.

You will report directly to the sales manager. We specialize in “Nurture Marketing,” which means we nurture each prospect as they move along the sales funnel using “invisible salesmen” strategies.



We provide sales training via two methods: Online videos that walk you through the process, with actual conversation examples with prospects. This helps you quickly learn how to position our offers.

The second is “ride-alongs,” either in person or over Go To Meeting, with an experienced sales person until you are ready.

We want to hear from you if you possess the above characteristics and skills — and a desire to help us grow by helping our clients grow!


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