Marketing Mistakes that May Cost You

Marketing Mistakes that May Cost You

In today’s world, marketing is necessary to evolve, even in industries you wouldn’t typically expect—like healthcare. And there are some marketing mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Keep reading to find out!

To sustain, or nurture, your practice and be able to offer your services to more and more patients, you must adapt in ways that will get the word out about your practice. To grow, you’ll need people to recognize you. 

That’s where Content First Marketing can help. We’ve been expertly navigating the fine line between the marketing and healthcare industry for two decades and we know just the right ways to connect you with the best patients possible. 

Want to optimize your marketing approach? There are a few potholes you’ll have to make your way around. Otherwise, it could hurt your practice in the end. 

Avoidable Issues

Even if you’re new to healthcare marketing, there are some common blunders that you can avoid with the right strategy.  

1. Unplanned Campaign Aim

If you don’t have clearly defined campaign goals, then you can bet your target audience isn’t going to catch on.  

Before executing your work, you should define what each steps specific purpose is. 

2. Putting Patients on the Backburner

This is healthcarepatients should always be the focus. You want to have a personal campaign that speaks to the patients you are seeking. Otherwise, you’re wasting money. 

3. Failure to Update Social Media

If you have social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) consistency is key. If you create these accounts and forget about them, you’re missing and potentially isolating potential patients.  

Having social media is an excellent opportunity to engage with patients and answer any questions they may have in real time. 

4. Poorly Managed Website

Nobody likes to waste their time onlinemake sure you have a user-friendly site that is set up with SEO to rank higher in search engines.  Don’t forget to have your site functional on mobile devices as well. 

5. No Analytics

Why invest in marketing if you aren’t measuring ROI? The right analytics will not only save you money, but it will ensure that your message is reaching the right people.  

Without analytics, you will never know the impact of your campaign on potential patients. 

6. Ignoring Reviews

If you have social media pages set up or comments on your website, you must be mindful of reviews and comments.  

Whether positive or negative, all reviews warrant a response. This is an opportunity to show your engagement and care for your patients. 

7. Not Understanding Your Patients

As a healthcare specialist, chances are that you do understand your demographic, but the key to reaching new patients is thinking outside of the box 

Did you know that women make approximately 80 percent of health care decisions for their families and are more likely to be the caregivers when a family member falls ill?  

Therefore the person you are treating may not be the one you are seeking with marketing ventures. 

We Can Help

Have you been making any of these mistakes? Don’t worry; Content First Marketing can help!  

We specialize in creating personal and engaging marketing campaigns with the support of analytics. If you want to know more, contact us here. 

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Marketing Mistakes that May Cost You
When it comes to healthcare marketing certain aspects carry more weight. Are you making these marketing mistakes that can cost you big? 

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