Marketing Services for Learning Organizations

Marketing Services for Learning Organizations
May 9, 2023

We’re on a Journey to Help Learning Companies Grow

A Partner with Expertise in the Learning Industry

All marketing companies are not created equal. Before you spend marketing dollars to get your brand, message, and mission in front of your potential customers, it’s critical your marketing partner knows who you serve, how you serve, and why it’s important in your industry.

The Learning industry operates with its own set of needs, wants, and requirements, so your marketing messages need to be tailored properly. C1M  has over two decades of experience working with learning organizations, and are the only marketing company serving the Learning Industry. We’re ready to help you achieve new heights in your marketing with confidence.

Marketing Services for Learning Organizations

Strategic Business Services

C1M Learning Consultants offer a broad spectrum of growth strategies. Whatever your organization needs, our consultants work with you to identify your goals and map out plans to achieve them.

From business and marketing plans and financial management consulting, to strategies for building new business partnerships and navigating merger and acquisition opportunities, we have the expertise to take you where you want to go.

Digital Marketing

C1M knows digital marketing. We specialize in building optimized websites to improve search engine results, improving your user experience, and increasing your site conversion. Part of your digital presence is your branded social media, and our social specialists partner with you to help curate the right language for the right community audience.

Digital marketing doesn’t end there – we’ll explore email campaigns, nurture content, automation, integration, and paid ads opportunities.

Blog & Writing Services

For companies with highly-specialized products and services like learning solution providers, finding professional writers who are also experts in your field is the ultimate advantage. Our specialists can help to make your blog a powerful marketing tool, or produce in-depth, topic-driven white papers to generate leads and establish your brand as a thought leader.

Let us bring your client success stories to life through case studies, and help your sales team follow-up with targeted, timed messaging designed to convert suspects and prospects to leads. No matter the goal, our subject matter expert writers produce the best content!

Tactical Marketing

You don’t have to invest in a full-time in-house marketing department to get the results you’re looking for. Partnering with ContentFirst gives you the expertise and access of an experienced professional team at the fraction of the cost. We know how to create email campaigns that work, develop and promote engaging webinars, and develop articles that draw visitors in. When you need all hands on deck to get things moving forward, we’re here to rally the team and put plans in action.

Contact Lists of L&D and HR Decision-Makers

You’ve spent weeks planning your email marketing campaigns for your target audiences of L&D and HR decision-makers. Do you have the right contacts to send them to?

Don’t waste your great campaign on a mediocre list!

We’ve partnered for your success! Mentor Tech Group (MTG) offers the only carefully curated, scrubbed list of Learning & Development (L&D) and Human Resource (HR) decision-makers created from scratch by Corporate Training/HR specialists! We pass along our partner pricing to you!

Strategic Community Partnerships

You can rely on the extensive relationships we have with providers in the industry for connections to the most suitable resellers. Let us help design a training and management plan to ensure accurate representation of your solutions in the marketplace. We know the learning industry, and how to sell successfully in this challenging arena. When you’re a C1M client, you’re connected to our industry insiders and poised to reach new heights in your business growth.

What Sets Us Apart

Learning Industry Experts

We know business – especially in the learning industry. With that unique expertise, we can help build your brand and grow sales of your learning solutions.

Comprehensive Services

Success begins on a firm foundation of solid business planning. Strategic marketing includes your digital presence, social media, nurture messages, audience definitions and more.

Delivering Business Growth

Whether you’re an established business or a relative newcomer in the learning space, your marketing goal is the same: measurable results. We share the same goal and pursue results with laser focus.

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