Must-Know Terms for Content Marketers

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Every week we throw a lot of important content marketing info at you. Hopefully, all of its lands and offers valuable insight to taking your business to the next level in the name of content marketing.

However, we realize some of the terms we use may be completely over your head. After all, the world of content marketing and even the internet, as a whole is a relatively new concept.

As the digital world has grown, experts have had to essentially fabricate new words and terms, to describe this new phenomenon.

This week, we’re offering a handful of must-know terms for content marketers — a glossary, if you will.


Also known as CTAs, a call-to-action is a critical strategy point in content marketing. Essentially, it is when you ask a user to do something: sign-up for your newsletter, buy a product, contact for more information or share your content.

Click Bait

Flashy, eye-catching headlines designed to entice viewers into clicking for more info. By natural, click bait holds a negative connotation, as the actual content falls short of what the headline promises. Click bait is misleading, and you should avoid it.

Click-Through Rate

The total number of clicks divided by total views or impressions on a page. For example, if 100 people viewed your homepage and 20 “clicked-through” to another link, your click-through rate would be 20%.

Conversion Rate

“The rate of visitors who take a desired action.” A desired action can vary depending on what you offer. For example, if your homepage calls users to sign up for your newsletter and 50 out of 100 sign up, your conversion rate is 50%.


A means to search, tag and interact on a specific topic via social media. For example, if you’re interested in what Twitter has to say about content marketing, you can simple search #contentmarketing, and every post with that hashtag will pop up.

Inbound Link

When another website includes a link to your content on their page. A great means of boosting Search Engine Optimization (see below) and establishing credibility!

Lead Magnet

Your main incentive or offer to entice users, in exchange for their contact details. A lead magnet must offer meaningful value to the user. Otherwise, they won’t be tempted. Viable lead magnets include eBooks, access to video content/training, discounts, software, etc.

Marketing Automation

Intelligent software used to automate and execute marketing efforts, including email campaigns, social media and so on. Most systems offer a wealth of knowledge, allowing business owners and marketers to measure the impact of their content, to improve it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Strategically maximizing site visitors by optimizing word choice, keywords and content, to rank higher in search results.

Visual Content

Eye-catching content, such as videos, infographics, photos or data visualization to attract the viewer’s attention and entice them to seek more information. A good content marketer understands the importance of utilizing visually attractive content.

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Must-Know Terms for Content Marketers
Every week we throw a lot of important content marketing info at you. This week, we’re offering a handful of must-know terms for content marketers -- a glossary, if you will.

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