Nurture Marketing: A Strategy for Your Medical Practice

nurture marketing for medical practice

In our previous blog, we’ve shown you how generating leads may be simple. But what about converting those leads into actual customers, and in the healthcare provider’s case, into patients? You need to nurture relationships with your patients to keep them loyal and get their referrals. In this blog, we discuss nurture marketing for your medical practice and how you can incorporate it into your healthcare marketing workflow.

Recent survey data reveal that healthcare consumers have become pickier and can easily switch from one provider to another who meets their needs.

Factors that dictate the satisfaction of today’s healthcare consumers include:

  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Quality

We also discuss the workflow of digital health marketing which starts from lead generation to lead conversion to lead promotion using healthcare marketing language.


Nurture Marketing: What Is It? And How Does It Apply to a Medical Practice?

Nurture marketing is the set of marketing strategies an organization designs to keep its current clients loyal to its brand. It’s also a way to nurture prospects into becoming clients and patients over time, as you can see in our past blogs here.

You can measure loyalty by computing for the Net Promoter Score (NPS). When you get a positive score, this means your patient will most likely recommend you to their friends and family.

Find more insights about NPS in The Net Promoter System and Healthcare Marketing blog we published in the past.

Since we are now in the digital era, wherein 81 % of Americans own smartphones, you must know the most effective type of digital marketing that will promote your medical practice.


Consider the following trend in health digital technology:

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