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January 31, 2022

As part of the Words Team, you are responsible for designing mock-ups of websites using Figma. You will assist in moving the mock-up into Development and are responsible for “polishing” the nearly completed WordPress website. You are the designer that puts all the pieces together, filling in gaps and completing links, so a site comes to life.

Your main duties include creating the aesthetic of the website, creating custom AI-generated imagery and/or downloading images from our stock repositories, formatting them for size or shape, and adding them to the appropriate places on the websites. You’ll be responsible for making sure the content flows correctly, the images make sense for the content in each page or section, and there aren’t any broken links or walls of text. Essentially, you are part of the team that makes complete sites “pretty” before their full reveal to the client.

You may also be asked to create visual journalism documents, Proposify Sections, and other designed elements.


Duties and Responsibilities

A Designer is not a coder or CSS specialist. You do not need to write custom scripts or code elements that do not already exist. You are a designer who’s savvy in Figma, Photoshop, InDesign as well as WordPress and website user experience.

  • Acquire appropriate images from online repositories (iStock, Getty, Envato, etc.)
  • Add images, headings, excerpt text, or buttons where necessary to complete the flow of the site
  • Add images and/or engaging sections to pages to correct any walls of text
  • Update menus with active pages, following the proposed sitemap
  • Refer to client’s live site (if applicable) to make sure sitemaps match
  • Communicate with Words Team Lead and the Development Director on progress and requests for further development

A Designer will share some responsibilities with the Development Director and Words Team lead. Working together, you’ll be an integral part of getting a “content complete” site across the finish line.

Skills and Qualifications

A successful Designer has technical, design, and communication skills. For example, since you will be adding content and changing design elements on a client site, you will have the technical acumen to make the changes, the design eye to know what will look best, and the right communication skills to work with the rest of the team to bring the site to life. Other important skills and qualifications for WordPress Finishing Designers include:

  • Written communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Project management skills
  • Technical skills with a variety of tools (e.g. Figma, Canva, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.)
  • The ability to collaborate with large teams.
  • The ability to coordinate with remote employees.

Education and Training Requirements

Our Designers have a minimum of 5 years of WordPress design / building experience. Ideal candidates will also have a background in marketing or branding to better understand the context, goal, and brand of each project they take on. Candidates need to be a native English speaker (born in USA), and be well-spoken / able to write at a professional level.

Experience in leadership or project management is desired but not required.

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