Why Are People Unliking My Facebook?


The number of likes on your Facebook page is a direct indication of your popularity and how many people are seeing your content.

More likes means more brand awareness and hopefully more sales. But, what happens when your numbers start dropping and people are actually unliking your page?

Don’t get discouraged! Instead, get strategic and learn what could be causing these “unlikes” and work to make it right.

Here are the most common reasons a user might be unliking your page:


Too Many Ads and Promo Material

Posting the occasional ad to your Facebook page is a great way to generate new sales and capture new customers. Notice the keyword here is: occasional!

When the bulk of your page’s content consists of nothing more than ads and promotional material, some of your followers may begin to unlike it.

Social media is a place people come to be entertained, informed, inspired and so on. They don’t log on to Facebook to make a purchase.

Advertisements and promotional material can come across as spammy and impersonal — keep them to a minimum.


  • Do this instead: Limited your ads to a set number per week or month. Focus the rest of your content on personalized, valuable and insightful posts that will establish your brand as a trusted source.


Posting Too Often

Think of the times you log on to Facebook. More than likely, you’re just hopping on for a few minutes in-between lunch breaks, during free moments at home, or shortly before going to bed.

The average user doesn’t have the time or energy to scroll for hours through their newsfeed.

If you’re posting excessively throughout the day, users will get frustrated that you’re clogging up your feed. Instead of your content coming across as valuable and interesting, it’s becoming a nuisance. Users will just want to get rid of it!


  • Do this instead: Each page is different, so there’s no set frequency as to how often you should post. A good rule of thumb is to limit your posts to no more than four per day. This is a happy medium that keeps users satisfied and engaged.


Not Enough Photos

The bulk of your page’s content should consist of photos. Photos are the single most engaging type of content on Facebook. They really are worth a thousand words.

Photos receive more likes, shares and comments than links, videos and text combined. They are easily and quickly digestible. It takes less than a second to absorb the message of a photo and about just as long to leave a “Like!”

Just remember to only publish photos to which you have full permission rights.


  • Do this instead: If you have written content or links you want to share, include a photo or visual component. This way you get the best of both worlds! A photo is enough to entice and engage a viewer into reading your description or clicking a link.


Unrelated Posts on Your Page

Have you ever seen a brand post, an image, meme, video or something else and think, “what does that have to do with anything?”

Irrelevant content is basically like breaking a promise to your audience.

When they like your page, it’s because they already like what you’re posting, and they have expectations about what’s to come. Diluting your page with unrelated content will impact the way viewers perceive your brand and professionalism.


  • Do this instead: If there is a current event or trending topic you want to ride the wave of to engage your viewers, just find a way to bring it back to your brand. If you can’t, it’s better to just leave it out. Save it for your personal page!


Have any other Facebook tips? Let us know what we missed or check out more on this topic. Then, contact us to get started on your social media marketing campaign.


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Why Are People Unliking My Facebook?
If users are “unliking” your page, don’t get discouraged! Get strategic and learn the reasons why, so you can upgrade your content strategy.

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