Promoting Your Site Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Promoting Your Site Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank
April 4, 2018

Want to generate more traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, and grow your business?

You can achieve all of this WITHOUT spending a dime.

Bottom line: you need web traffic to get more conversions and generate sales. There are dozens of ways to do so: some paid and others, free.

Here are the top ways we recommend businesses to promote their brand for FREE and grow their business:


Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is tried and true.

Simply by writing and creating a blog post for another site, maybe a friend or colleague, in exchange for a link back to your site, you can spread the word of your brand AND improve SEO value.

At the bottom of your post, include an “About the Author” section where you include a link to your site and brief bio about your business.


Directory Submissions

Many web masters overlook the value of directory submissions, assuming it has little-to-no benefit.

Granted, many directories out there are full of spam and low-quality sites, but there are still decent directories that can be used to drive traffic to your website.

DMOZ is one such directory that’s been around for over a decade, focusing strictly on high-quality submissions.



Arguably the most popular way to promote your brand, for free.

For businesses, Facebook is one of the most trusted social media sources, nearly surpassing Google in terms of traffic. With their easy-to-use analytics tools, you can track your traffic and user engagement to create more targeted and success posts.


Your Email Signature

Your emails should always sign off with a personalized footer. Traditionally, it includes your name, title and contact info.

Make the most of this space by including a link to your site such as, “Visit us at ……” or “Check out our blog at …..”. Give your recipient some way to connect with you aside from email: maybe social media, your blog or website.


Social Commentary

Take a look at blogs, websites and social pages related to your business and start leaving comments.

It takes just seconds; but with a well-formed, thoughtful comment – including a backlink to your site – you can engage with potential prospects and increase traffic to your site.


Online Reviews

Ask past clients to submit a review on Google, Yelp!, Angie’s List or other relevant review sites. For you the cost is zero and most clients are happy to do it. You might consider offering an incentive like a discount or small freebie to sweeten the deal.


Google Local Business

Google Local Business allows users to register their business information for free, add pictures, promo offers and create mobile ads.

Have you ever googled a business and on the right-hand side noticed a little box that comes up with their contact details, hours of operation, photos and so on?

That’s Google Local Business. They even provide useful promotion ideas to increase site traffic!


Did we miss anything? What are your favorite FREE ways to promote your site?


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Promoting Your Site Doesn't Have to Break the Bank
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