SEO Strategy for Content Writing – What You Need to Know

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Your SEO strategy matters when it comes to the content that is on your website, blog, and affiliated pages. You want to have attention-grabbing content that explains your business’ prestige. However, in addition to creating verbiage that educates and engages, there’s a deeper level that determines the success of your content – that is your SEO writing. 

SEO (search engine optimization) determines whether the internet audience will see your website and work. Therefore, SEO is the deciding factor for where your website will fall in Google and other search engine results. Without SEO writing and a smart SEO strategy, it’s highly possible that your business will get lost in a sea of competitors and similar sites. As a result, your blogs, content, and other key ideas within your website will go unnoticed. 

An experienced partner and resource for SEO content writing, like ContentFirst Marketing, can ensure your website content is maximized to grab the most attention.  

When it comes to SEO writing, however, there are a few things that every professional should know to ensure that what they publish online receives the largest audience possible from their target demographic. 

Why is an SEO Strategy Important? 

Consider the last time you did a Google or other online search on any topic. Which website(s) in the search results did you click on first?  

Chances are, if you are like every internet user in the world, the links that grabbed your attention were at the top, not on page 2, 3, or 4 of your search results.  

This is standard practice, as according to a Search Engine Journal study, the first organic result in a Google search has an average click-through rate of 28.5%. The study finds that the click-through rate falls sharply after this first position, with the second and third positions having a 15% and 11% click-through rate. Once you’re in the number 10 spot in search engine results, the click-through rate to your website is only 2.5%. 

Simply put, having your website listed at the top of the search results matters, and it matters greatly. No matter how amazing your business or organization is, the world will never know if you are buried at the bottom of Google and other search engines.  

How Does Content Writing Help with SEO? 

The best way to organically boost your ranking on search results without spending perpetual costs on advertising is through incredible content. 

However, it is a challenge to determine the keywords and phrases that will grab a search engine’s attention and sprinkle them into the verbiage throughout your website in a seamless way. 

Schematics were relatively simple when search engines first grew in popularity roughly 30 years ago.  Websites could simply add keyword-rich content with little attention to style and readability, and the search engine would pick up these simple words and do the rest. 

However, SEO technology has become much more complicated and mature since the early days of the Internet. Today, search engines like Google are smart enough to filter out engaging and informative content from content created for clicks. Additionally, multi-faceted algorithms determine which websites earn a top spot in rankings.  

The rules for SEO writing are numerous and are constantly changing as the internet evolves. But there are some general tips businesses can employ now to make their website stand out. 

Tips for Creating an SEO Strategy for Content Writing 

Don’t Just Focus on Keywords

  • Keywords are essential, to be sure, but you also want your content to be readable. Google knows if you provide informative and well-written content versus just plugging keywords throughout your website as much as possible. Too many keywords will trigger a red flag to search engines and make your content less engaging to your readers, losing their interest quickly.  

Make Your Content Evergreen 

  •  You can certainly announce upcoming events or news related to your business, but what you publish on the internet stays there forever. As such, you want to include plenty of evergreen content that will grab attention now and years into the future.  

Use Headings and Subheadings 

  •  As a rule of thumb, headings and subheadings have more weight when it comes to SEO content, so include them in your website. You can also add relevant keywords to these headings whenever reasonably possible. 

Use Links and Other Resources 

  •  Linking to a reputable website that augments or helps your content can do a world of good for SEO and gives your website extra weight. Just be sure you don’t link to competitors and that you reference websites that are generally considered valid and authoritative on a particular subject. You can also include links to other articles or related topics within your website, for an extra SEO boost.  

Keep an Eye on the Length 

  •  There are a number of best practices when it comes to article length, and an SEO content expert can provide insight on how long or short your specific blogs, articles, and other verbiage needs to be. With that being said, longer is generally better, as articles that are too short – (200 words or less) – can get lost in the crowd. 

Post Regularly 

  •  One of the best things an organization can do to stay on a search engine’s radar is to keep publishing new, informative, and essential content that is SEO friendly. Regularly posting articles, blogs, and other content will help position you as an expert in your field, giving you more weight in search engine results in the long run. 

Connect with an SEO Content Writing Expert  

The above tips are just the basics, and there are limitless intricacies that go into exceptional SEO writing. 

Remember that while you strive to maximize your SEO, your competitors are also trying to achieve the same goals. So, SEO writing may not take place on a level playing field. 

This is why you need an expert at your side. Having an SEO writing professional like ContentFirst Marketing will put you a step ahead of your competitors without excess effort.  

You don’t have to hire a professional in-house marketing team to be the top-ranked business in your field. However, you need a resource experienced in providing content that propels your business to the top. 

Let’s start formulating an SEO content strategy that allows your business to shine. With ContentFirst Marketing behind the scenes, you can ensure that your organization gets the online attention and business it deserves.

Reach out to us today.  

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