SEO Strategy Trends for 2023  

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Many people like to start the new year by setting new goals regarding their finances, health, travel, and much more. However, what about setting goals for your business? Marketing strategies are constantly changing and are the most effective way to increase brand awareness. Therefore, your brand will distinguish itself from your competitors if you use the right SEO strategy. In 2023, SEO will take new turns, and the team at ContentFirst Marketing is ready to embrace these advancements.  

 What is SEO?  

 Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-evolving strategy. It’s no longer just about having a website and getting ranked for keywords. Google is constantly searching for new ways to improve its search results. With Google’s algorithm being much more sophisticated than it used to be and how businesses use SEO tactics has changed dramatically. Therefore, it is challenging for SEO professionals to keep up. 

 Let’s learn more about the SEO trends that you should keep your eye on in the new year. 

Different Trends for SEO in 2023  

Optimize Content for Voice Search 

 If you’re not optimizing for voice search and mobile devices, you’re missing out on a significant piece of the current SEO landscape. Furthermore, voice search is a rising trend predicted to become the main search method in years to come. The prevalence of digital assistants added to mobile searches has increased the number of voice searches over the past few years. Optimizing voice search mediums will help you rank higher in Google. Additionally, this will improve your  conversion rates by providing a better user experience.  

 Voice search now must optimize all content to answer user-specific questions instead of just giving general information. When optimizing for voice search, it helps to target keywords in the form of a question, typically long-tail keywords that are usually specific.  

  For example, people who might be interested in getting information would start most of their queries by using “what” or “who,” while people interested in buying something should be attracted by pages that answer “when” or “where” questions. 

 Mobile-Friendly Website

 Phone searches are expected to increase through 2023 and beyond. Therefore,  website design trends suggest that the gap between mobile and desktop formats will continue to widen.

Additionally, a mobile-friendly website is crucial. Furthermore, mobile optimization is much more than the familiar responsive design and includes the accessibility, usability, and loading time of our websites. 

 To improve your site’s performance on mobile devices, you’ll need to ensure it is created with responsive coding and framework. This helps the website automatically change how it looks depending on the use of a different device.  

 Integration of AI in Marketing  

 Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the hottest topics in the marketing industry.  

 According to a study in 2021, the expense of artificial intelligence in marketing was estimated at $15.8 billion. However, it’s no surprise that it is projected that the value will increase to more than $107.5 billion by 2028. As the future anticipates further integration of this technology, it’s clear that AI marketing is here to stay.  

 AI in SEO is a strategy that integrates Artificial Intelligence into everyday marketing campaigns, such as using chatbots for customer service, email automation, and website personalization. AI marketing generates automated decisions based on real-time data, statistics, and observations, making it an invaluable tool for speed and relevance. 

 Visual Search Engine Optimization for SEO  

 Visual search engine optimization (VSEO) is a form of SEO that focuses on optimizing images for visual search engines and channels. Additionally, the goal of VSEO is to increase an image’s ranking in visual search results by improving its visibility and relevancy when it comes up in a visual query. 

 VSEO mainly refers to optimizing images for the web by decreasing the image size without reducing its quality. Optimizing your images includes faster loading speed, improved SEO rankings, and increased website traffic. 

 Video Marketing 

Videos are the fastest way to relay important information and convey your message. Additionally, over half of all consumers rely on videos to help them make purchasing decisions. Video content is not just converting, as it is also what consumers want. Also, it is simply more engaging than just text and graphics. 

 Video marketing strategies can take various forms depending on your goal. Here are a few examples, content creation regarding public reviews, demonstrations, tutorials, interviews, video blogs (Vlogs), presentations, ads, or a combination of these. You can even repurpose and republish your existing material on video.  

 With more people watching videos, you’ll want to make it a component of your  SEO strategy.  

 Focus on Featured Snippets  

Featured snippets can significantly impact your website’s traffic and increase organic traffic without ranking in the first position. 

Google shows featured snippets to provide the user with quick facts about the subject they are interested in learning about more information. They are pulled from a website’s content, providing short answers to a user’s query displayed on the search results page. Featured snippets include a summary, and a link to the full answer on the website where the featured snippet was published.  

 Optimizing for featured snippets means ensuring that your content is well-written and informative and uses the right keywords. Think about the searcher, their intent, and how they’d search, and focus your content creation on question-based terms. Next, ensure your content has the correct schema markup to appear in search results.  

 Establish an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Business  

 If you want your SEO strategy to drive success for your business continually, you must keep tabs on SEO trends to perform well in search results and drive more qualified traffic to your website. 

 At ContentFirst.Marketing, our mission is to provide industry leading digital marketing services to businesses around the globe, and that includes optimizing for SEO.

Contact us to find out how we can help improve and establish an effective SEO strategy for 2023. Start the new year with new marketing goals for your business.  

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